Chillingo goes Lite with Toki Tori – iPhone

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The ever popular iPhone title, Toki Tori (by Chillingo) has now been released as a Lite version and is now available on the App Store for the super low price of… nothing. That’s right boys and girls, its completely free.

The Lite edition is designed to to familiarize new players with the game and subsequently has specifically designed levels for just that. Much like the full game its a puzzle-platform thats been based on licensing also found on the GBA and Wii Ware.

The complete game offers a major plethora of items as well as weapons along with a whopping 80 levels spread through four rather large worlds. So it boasts hourse of gameplay, interactive cut-scenes, and various other challenges as it caters for both the casual and hardcore gamers.

Source: casualgaming

Last Updated: June 11, 2009

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  • pantsula

    This is one of the best games on Wiiware

  • Yeti

    Why can’t I find it?

  • Faheem

    you check the App Store? :silly:

  • Yeti

    I did, I’m probably just being dumb.

  • Faheem

    eh don’t be hard on yourself… the other day i couldn’t find my phone for like half and hour and it was in my pocket the whole time… stupid but remember lost objects are always in the last place you’d think to look… thats cause after you find them you don’t need to think about looking for them anymore. :silly:

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