Codemasters gets the F1 licence

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Just catching up on some older news here.

It was announced last week that Codemasters has managed to secure the rights to create the next Formula 1 game after Sony decided they didn’t want it anymore.

I honestly think this is a big mistake by Sony, I have often been asked if the 360 had a Formula 1 game and when I said no the people then decided to get a PS3 instead.

At least it’s a very good company that has picked up the licence though.

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Last Updated: May 12, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Milesh Bhana

    Sony weren’t doing a good job with the license, so i’m glad it’s moved. There was talk of EA trying to get it, thank god it’s codemasters, i’m sure we’ll get a good F1 game now, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen one of those.

  • won’t Grid feature F1 cars?

  • Fox1

    No. GRID will feature F3000 cars 😉

  • Fox1

    I wonder if GRID will feature a spin in an F1 car like the Williams F1 car in Race Driver 2 💡

    Anyway, the license is in good hands now and I don’t expect it to flop because Codemasters will be developing F1 games for all consoles and hand held formats and the PC 😛

  • Yay. Finally some F1 on the Xbox 360 platform. 🙂

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  • David

    I always thought that F1 games were missing something. I hope Codemasters make the game series much better than before.

  • kabraal

    Very good news. Now I might consider buying a F1 game again. Especially with the repect CM got from their rally games. The last F1 (Championship edition) was utterly crap.

  • Ruslan

    Finally some justice for the F1 franchise. About time as Sony was doing nothing worthwile with the license anyhow.

  • I have never liked F1 games..maybe now it will change

    Evilredzombie’s last blog post..TV on PS3 ?

  • Jonny

    The game is only coming out mid-2010…that’s a long wait hey!

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