CrimeCraft vs. APB? Who will come out on top?

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So the boys from Vogster should be bearing some pretty nice grins right now, after announcing that it’s new MMOFPS, CrimeCraft, is hitting our shelves in the not too distant future.

Actually, they were pretty precise. CrimeCraft is said to be arriving for the PC on August 25th. Why should you be bothered with this news? Because, if you had any interest in the MMOFPS genre, then you’d know that they’re not the only guys racing for the title genre mogul.

They in fact have the boys from Realtime Worlds short on their heels. Who are Realtime Worlds? Glad you asked. They developed one of Nick’s (Ed: and mine) favourite sandbox titles, Crackdown, and from what I understand their newest title should aim to impress just as well. Actually, it aims to blow your corneas away.


The Realtime Worlds team did have the lead on the Vogster clan, after announcing that its entry into the emerging sub-genre of crime-themed MMOs, would come with the rain of bullets known as All Points Bulletin. And what’s more, they plan on showing their guns (literally) at next month’s E3. Fortunately, the show’s floorplan doesn’t have the companies located next to each other, otherwise we’d expect an epic Nerf war to ensue between the two.


But as far as choice goes, from what I’ve seen from screenshots of the two, APB has still got the lead by far. Picture number 2 is actually an in game screenshot of APB, as where the first pic (which is CrimeCraft) is what I expect to be more of a pre-rendered-digitally-enhanced picture, as I looked at the screenshots on the CrimeCraft website…and wow…disappointing beyond belief. Don’t believe me? Go check them out for yourself and tell me if your as unimpressed as I am.

Last Updated: May 22, 2009

  • Ripryder

    I think they both are in the midst of a crazy battle now if they combined both games on a select server so games could battle each other now that would be cool

  • apb will come out on top bucause you can custmiza your cars and your tattoo you can not do that in crime craft and it is no car in crime craft how you going to make a shoot game that have no car in it apb is going to win

  • LOL — I had to read it a few times, but I got the point 😛

  • badAzz

    I have to disagree with this, all points bulletin may have better customize, better grafics and cars. But it has to be bought, it has alot of cliches and bugs, hopefully will be fixed in the near future.

    Crimcraft has a small but workin’ customize system, PVE and PVP works, its not perfect but its playable. Secondly! You can create and customize your guns, clothings, gangs, gang hideouts and have a part in a gang war tournaments. and whats the best about the crimecraft is that its F2P!!! THats what I love about it. I don’t want to pay 50 euros for a game that has clitches, and I can have the same game free with lower grafics and customizing system.

    Anyone agree? maybe Apb is better but not worth it for 50e

  • phyon

    well with the announcment of APB being shut down i think we know who won lol

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