Dave Perry has a good point – Really

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So Dave Perry has been talking to GamesIndustry.biz about the huge potential and untapped power of the PS3.. yeah heard it all before but have yet to see it in a game…

Anyway I was about to flick passed to the next story when I read this part..

If Sony thought of a way that their architecture designers could somehow add even more power for less money, but made programming a misery – actually made you just want to kill yourself – they would do it

Now this actually has nothing to do with the power of the PS3, it has to do with Sony being controlled by the hardware guys when they developed the PS3 instead of the Software guys.. Microsoft seemed to have taken the approach of “We want something that is as easy to code as a PC but it must be powerful” and the hardware guys just had to make a plan.

However on the Sony side they told the architects that they wanted something that will be the most powerful console around… which it may be but since no one understands the thing it doesn’t help..

While Nintendo just did their own thing and even though there is little to no good third party titles for the Wii it has that motion sensing controller which allows it to be sold by the truck load…

PS3’s power will be untapped for years – Perry // GamesIndustry.biz

Last Updated: November 26, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Abev

    Gavin only you can turn a good story about the ps3 into something negative!

  • Abev, show me a positive story about the PS3 and I’ll show you a fanboi 😛

    I have the feeling tho that now that Sony has got the greatest console beast known to mankind (that’s for you Abev) the can and I’m “sure” they will start developing a coding enviroment (if a developer doesn’t do it first) to properly cater for developer needs.

    I say this as Sony is expecting the PS3 to have a life expectancy of 10+ years, now that the beast is out they need to control it.

    and then I think we’ll start seeing some intensely awesome games! for the PS3

  • LazySAGamer

    @Abev, I also insulted the Wii in that article. The problem is that Sony neglected the software side.

    How many times have you yourself blamed lazy developers for bad ports? Those would be the same lazy developers who made the game look and play perfectly on the 360…

  • Bob

    If Insomniac and Naughty Dog (not to mention third parties like Infinity Ward) can produce perfect games with all graphical bells and whistles, and a rock-solid framerate, we should expect the same from everyone else.

    In other words, we can blame lazy developers – mostly EA. As Mark Rein says, developing games – especially on a new platform – is always hard. Deal with it.

  • Brad

    As you may remember I’m Wii owner. I am a little bit pissed about there not being loads of good games out at the moment. I’ve played RE4, and ordered Mario Galaxy and Metroid 3. That’ll take me up to February. After that I dunno what to order. I was looking forward to the Simpsons but that got the worst review score out of all the consoles…wtf? Hopefully Nintendo step up their game and get some good games out with good reviews. I’m still waiting for a decent party game thats better than Wii Sports? Where are they?

    I may be trading my Wii in for an Xbox before end of 2008…


  • doobiwan

    @Brad, before you do, try out Battalion wars Wii, No More heroes, and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

    Then trade it in for a 360 😉

    @Bob – Naughty Dog is a Sony First Party company, and if Insomniac isn’t then they’re a pretty darn close second party. In other words, their development budgets are not limited by reality, their job is to make systems sellers at any cost. (The same will go for Polyphony digital and Guerilla)

    Although I do give massive Kudo’s to Infinity ward, full points, they have stellar engineers that have been with the company for ages.

    What makes me shrug again, is the goldfish memories of fanboys. This article is not a revelation, it’s not even news. This stuff is common knowledge. Sony designed Playstation hardware first, with IBM and Toshiba (And Ken lost his job for it). Nintendo has never had a good relationship with developers (ask John Carmack – they are changing) and Microsoft are a software company, who builds it’s business around developers first, hardware second (which also shows, hello 3 year warranty)

  • Abev

    You know what, I would still take my ps3 over an xbox anyday!

  • doobiwan

    Yeah, I guess “free toy” beats “better platform” on any given day. 😉

  • Abev

    No, Ps3 beats faulty ass technology anyday!

  • washer

    lolz yeah crapbox 360 is pile of horse dung. only thing next gen about it is that it happenz to be the next console after the original crapbox.

    ps3 is truly next gen. and the crapbox fagboyz know this and thats why they hate it. the crapbox dayz are numbered anywayz so who givez a shit.

  • doobiwan

    Hey washer, look everyone, special school’s out for the day …

    @Abe: Games console with games, community and online beats overblown DVD player anyday.

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