Devil May Cry 4 playable at PS3 kiosks in Japan

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So some lucky guy in Japan wandered into a Toys  R Us and found a playable PS3 demo of Devil May Cry 4.

He gives us a short write up on it and basically says, it was a bit repetative (1 level demo so I don’t think that counts), the gfx and effects where very nice but not as good as Gears of War but better than Lost Planet and the backgrounds didn’t seem to flow properly…

All in all though he thought it was great, now where are our early playable demo’s of anything?

The graphics and effects look great, but the backgrounds did’nt seem to flow with the environments that well. It did’nt have that immersion effect that Gears of War gives you. It still looks better than Lost Planet though.

Source: Samurai Soapbox » Devil May Cry 4 playable at PS3 kiosks in Japan – News, games, babes, rants and raves……..straight from Japan.

Last Updated: April 5, 2007

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  • suna

    Now I know you’re talking bull shit. A person in Japan owning a 360 not to mention owning a game that plays on a 360? Your Muscleman obsession with Gear o’ Pretty Graphics has driven you beyond the breach. You are now delusional and in need of help. Microsoft won’t love you more if you make up stories like these and Bill Gates certainly won’t be handing out handjobs to thank you for name-checking one of the games he payed people to make.

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