EA Won't gimp Dead Space on behalf of the PS3

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Here is a nice little story to get people hot under the collar.

Glen Schofield who is currently leading the development of Dead Space on the 360 has come out and said that the development team is refusing to “gimp” Dead Space just because the “PS3n can’t do it”.

Now I can saw with quite a lot of certainty that he is going to come out and ‘clarify’ his comments very quickly as Sony will not be amused.

Watch this space …

Source: VideoGamer

Last Updated: February 7, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • papa-action

    Hmmm PS3 cant do it or developer cant do it ….

  • Darthdad

    “On the issues surrounding PS3 development, Schofield said: “I’m from an artist background. But from a developer point of view it’s called the Fill Rate. It (the PS3) can’t handle the physics as well. I mean it can, you just have to get at it. Just more and more engineering. Special effects are tough. It’s a beautiful machine and it is very powerful. It’s just it’s not as easy to develop for right now.

    “What happened was the 360 came out a year ahead, so we started developing early on it. Then all of a sudden it was the lead SKU. So it won for two years. For two years it was the one we were just working on. And so our knowledge base is around that. Now you see the tide is starting to turn especially in Europe. So it’s really just engineering catching up with it.”

    What does he have to clarify? That statement from an ‘Artist’, pretty much sums up everything.

  • hilt_ctn


    Another case of EA whining about something they can’t seem seem to get right while others have no problems

    Maybe they should stick to those monotonous sports games they churn out year after year and leave other genres to the serious software houses

  • Abe

    Hey Darthdad, thanks for the full story 😉

  • papa-action

    COD4, Burnout Paradise
    nuff said

  • doobiwan

    la la la I never said a word 😉

  • Fox1

    The PS3 seems to be a few instruction sets short of a CPU… and a GPU. Remember it is using old obsolete graphics tech. It lacks the use of UNIFIED SHADER tech running on the Xbox360. The X1950XT is still around with DX10 compliance and it can stick with NVIDIA’s latest. The bottom line being that this is going to be a recurring problem.

    You can’t mix last-gen architecture with next-gen hardware. I suppose the console war is going to come down to a GPU war. Its like the 2006 F1 season which eventually came down to tires regardless of horsepower.

  • Abe

    Hey Fox1, look something shiny, oooooooh perdy!
    The console war is over bud!

  • AveshR

    Who won the console war Abe??? Every other gaming website is still counting console sales – xbox360 vs ps3 vs wii…

  • papa-action

    blah blah blah console war blah blah

    @ Fox1 That “outdated” architecture you’re talking about runs Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Doesn’t matter whats in the box….its whats on the screen that counts.

  • boredhousewife

    All this talk of fill rates and GPU’s and power of the cell can be very confusing to the average Joe so I have come up with an analogy. Since the average gamer spends more time playing with his console than he does with a real woman I thought comparing them to girlfriends would be appropriate.

    The PS3 is the nerdy librarian with hidden potential type (think Rachel Weisz in The Mummy).She’s very smart and can do lots of other things (cooking and cleaning). When you first started dating she was a little bland in the bedroom but she is starting to try new things.

    The X360 is the smoking hot stripper type – wild in the bedroom , likes to bring her stripper girlfriends with so they can join in (for a small fee) and has a broad range of positions in her boudoir repertoire although most tend to be variations of doggy style. She won’t stick around forever but thats ok cause finding a new stripper girlfriend is dead easy.

    The Wii is the chubby girl with the bubbly personality who lives around the corner. She’s not much to look at but she is fun to mess around with.

  • LazySAGamer

    @Boredhousewife, that is an awesome analogy… I think it’s time to go home and play with the consoles… Not sure the wife will agree anymore though 😉

  • Darthdad

    @Boredhousewife, brilliant! 🙂

  • Fox1

    Didn’t that age old architecture cause frame rate issues on the two major games that came out last year namely; Assassins Creed, COD 4 and Half-Life2:OrangeBox? All multi-platform titles.

    Unchartered Drakes Fortune is a single platform title so don’t use it as a gauge because we have Gears of War, Forza 2, PGR3 and 4, Halo 3, Ace Combat 6, Bioshock 3. All AAA exclusive titles that will leave Unchartered Drakes Fortune in ‘unchartered’ territory.

    @Boredhousewife- Lol, lol, lol, lol.

  • AveshR

    Boredhousewife wrote – “She won’t stick around forever but thats ok cause finding a new stripper girlfriend is dead easy.”

    We dont need consoles to stick around forever… with time we will have to upgrade with technology 😉

  • Abe

    I dont wont a stripper girlfriend with a gimp leg though!
    And the PS3 is definately the sexier of the two!

  • JimBob

    Of course, PS3 owners can also curse the Xbox 360 for the fact that their games don’t make optimal use of the hard drive and are limited to the size of a DVD.

    As I’ve said before, look at the technical mess that is Mass Effect to see what Microsoft wrought by not making the hard drive part of the standard SKU, and sticking to DVD for optical storage.

    Both systems have their ups and downs, and it is really only exclusive games that make the most of what each system has to offer. Ultimately, everyone gets let down by multiplatform development.

    Still, Sony really needs to get the Naughty Dog and Insomniac guys to show EA and Ubisoft how to work with the PS3 because they don’t have a clue. Heavenly Sword, GT5 Prologue and Uncharted are easily the match of even the benchmark Xbox 360 games like Gears of War in terms of visuals.

  • Fox1

    Abe, The PS3 needs to lose a few kilos before it becomes sexy. Thats what happens when you don’t have rumble 😉

    JimBob, Yes thats true. So thats 3 PS3 games vs. 7 XBox360 games. Doesn’t th hard drive clear its cache where the game is installed to when you put in another game.

    However, Sony takes forever to develop their games and Naughty Dog and Insomniac are not the major players in the game industry. They don’t have the power of EA of UBISOFT and i guess the finances too. Besides graphical power, why is there a R100 difference between multi-platform games? The xbox360 being the cheaper of the two.

  • doobiwan

    dum di dum la di dah 🙂

    Just a point of order: Jimbob “the technical mess that is Mass Effect” is firstly far from that, and secondly is as a result of the UT3 engine not Bioware or MS, Lost Odyssey apparently has a few similar bugs.

    Look at games like Crackdown, AC or Burnout that don’t run UT3 but can stream massive worlds without an HDD.

    If you’re discussing discs, why not mention the 1/2 hour install you need to do to run DMC4 on the PS3?

    Each console has its idiosyncrasies, but the fact is both can do “gorgeous”. The war is over, now you just decide which has the games / feature / community that fit your personal needs.

  • JimBob

    Um, Mass Effect’s technical flaws had a massive impact on my enjoyment of the game, so ‘mess’ is a fair enough description in my opinion. The texture pop-up and load times are horrendous! That’s without mentioning the endlessly recylced textures and repetitive level layouts and awful looking compressed cut-scenes.

    I think considering that hard drive-less 360 owners can’t play Burnout Paradise online, that’s not a great example.

    As for DMC4, I’d agree that the installation should’ve been optional, but I consider it worthwhile for no load times. Early PS3 games had terrible load times (motorstorm), so did many early 360 games, but it’s not really a Bu-Ray issue.

    “Each console has its idiosyncrasies, but the fact is both can do “gorgeous”. The war is over, now you just decide which has the games / feature / community that fit your personal needs.”

    I agree with this, but owning all three consoles, I’d like to see more work done to make the most of each. For example, I wish more games would just make the simple step of offering hard drive installation (like DMC4) and providing uncompressed audio and cut-scenes for PS3 users. Conversely, I’d hate them not to make the most of the 360’s online capabilities or GPU.

  • doobiwan

    The online BP thing is a stupid, there were ways around it, having said that, that’s a bit out of context of what I was saying.

    Nonetheless, unfortunately we’re less likely to see optimized games simple due to the cost of development and also that there is going to be less of a dominant leader this round. 360 will dominate the US, and PS3 will dominate Europe. Developers are going to have to make everything even, which I guess, isn’t a bad thing.

  • LazySAGamer

    Who would have guessed this article would get such a huge response with little to no relation to the actual story 🙂

  • Fox1

    @Lazy- Lol… This is going to be an age old debate.

    @JimBob- The Xbox better unleash it’s GPU even more so in turn PS3 will push its GPU and that will cause Xbox to push their GPU more and the PS3 will fight back. Therefore we all will get magnificent eye-candy for our hard earned cash.


  • boredhousewife

    Since this is such a popular thread I have a question for the BD lobby who get all hot and sweaty about uncompressed audio. Do you have a collection of tunes stored on your PC ?
    Is it uncompressed or MP3 ? Do you think you can tell the difference ?

  • Fox1

    @boredhousewife- Good point. What i do know is that variable bit rates are just as good as the original.

  • doobiwan

    You mean they “sound” as good as the originals. The human ear is an amazing thing. Try listening to only one channel of a typical 128/196kbps stereo MP3, you’ll be quiet surprised how bad it is regardless of how good you think it is.

    MP3 only approaches near CD quality (which isn’t perfect either) at bitrates over 384kbps.

  • boredhousewife

    To me its a bit like the people who shove their nose into a glass of wine and wax lyrical about the “delicate hints of cassis juxtaposed against the sharp yet not overwhelming top notes of old tobacco” to justify spending 500 bokke on a bottle of wine that does the exact same thing as a bottle of Tassies

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