Google Adsense coming to a game near you

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Google Ingame advertising is coming whether we like it or not.

I personally would be happy for games to be subsidised by ingame advertising however I do expect to see the price of games to decrease at the same time. Or at least to stop sky rocketing.

Well the next big name to throw their hat in the ring is Google who have apparently been secretly testing their adsense for games for months now.

However the Google advertising option sounds horribly intrusive where we can expect to see video adverts after a cut scene and before we continue with the game. What I want to see are true life billboards and paid for litter to make the games feel more immersive.

Source: Venturebeat

Last Updated: August 1, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I also always envisioned the in game advertising as billboards and my adverts on TV screens etc. To do it any other way will be VERY irritating!

    Werner’s last blog post..Google Adsense coming to a game near you

  • I agree although I’m hoping that the “and now a word from our sponsors” *insert big splash screen here* is just a “This is what Google can do” kind of thing, I’d be most distraught if they brought this out and it was actually big splash screens at the end of a cut scene, not only is it just plain wrong but marketeers or now cutting into our leisure time, and destroy a games story line by bringing you back to reality I hope that game devs have the sense to know how best to use it and that publishers don’t force it on them to add it into their games personally, if I do see a game that is coming out as described I will boycott it and I hope many others will too we don’t want intrusive advertising! can’t they be more creative!!! e.g. install a Mc Donalds building in games like GTA, not intrusive, adds to the realism, and it’s the right game to do it in! or use the Nokia name as James Bond’s PDA(inventory), we see tons of advertising already happen in cars and it’s all necessary! i.e. Brembo Brake pad(name brand) and I want those on my car!

  • Vamp

    ja, i don’t mind if it’s billboards, buildings, models and makes of the guns I use to off someone etc 😈
    But I’m seriously gonna be ticked off if I have to sit and
    watch an add after a cutscene. Then i might as well watch tv.
    But i’m sure they’ll get a good backlash from the gaming community if they ever try a stunt like that.

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