GT5 vs PGR4 vs Forza 2 – Video Comparison

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Forza vs PGR vs GT Unfortunately I can’t embed this video but you can view it by clicking the link below. has put together a video compilation comparing the three top racing titles at the moment.

From what I can see GT5 is neater and cleaner while Forza 2 has a better draw distance and just more going on at any single one time. PGR4 is in a slightly different category though and I actually prefer it’s graphics over either of the other two.

If you are a fan of any of these titles then click through to see the video.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: GT5: Prologue vs. Forza 2 vs. PGR4 – Game Trailers, Game Reviews, Gameplay Videos at

Last Updated: April 2, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • GT5, sharper more realistic.
    The other 2 are quite arcade’y in comparison.

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  • JimBob

    PGR4’s weather effects are impressive and I’d give it an ever-so slight edge for environmental detail, but GT5P has the best interior and exterior car models of the lot (which isn’t surprising given the care Polyphony Digital has always lavished on them).

    I was disappointed with Forza 2’s visuals when it first came out, and that hasn’t changed in the time since. It’s also worth rememebering that compared to PGR4, the other two run at a smooth 60 FPS. One criticism for me of PGR4 is that the sensation of speed can be somewhat lacking.

  • Echo16h20

    All we need is FORZA 2 with PGR4’s visuals then we have a game to be contended with 🙂 I love the “tweakability” (if that is a word) or FORZA2 but the visuals in PGR4 are so sweet, 1st thing I noticed was the no-static crowds 🙂

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