GTA V won’t release in March

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A new Internet rumour has landed, this one with less backing than that X-Surface one, but yet I felt it still needed to be quashed locally before everyone got over excited.

Apparently some people are anticipating that Grand Theft Auto V will release on the 24th of March. This isn’t true. Not that I know the official release date but there is no chance that this date is correct for the following reasons

  1. It’s a Sunday
  2. There have been no previews from anyone
  3. It’ll ambush 2K’s other massive title, Bioshock: Infinite
  4. GTA V will release in April or May

GTA is an industry juggernaut in the same vein as Call of Duty, it doesn’t need to pick the best time to avoid conflicting with other titles. It releases at the best time for itself and everyone else runs away. March is not the best time to release titles but just before the long Summer holiday in the States is a pretty solid release date and that is why Rockstar pretty much always release during that window.

But really point 1 is why this rumour is completely false. My guess is April 24th or May 22nd

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