How do you see the PS3?

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What do you see here? has put together a nice article debating why the PS3 is loved and loathed in equal measures across the Internet.

I really think the guy has hit onto something but I do get the feeling that he still feels the PS3 is not worth the extra charge. A bit of a fanboy undertone I guess.

However I don’t think you will need to look very far to find someone who claims it isn’t fanboyism but rather more to do with the 360 being well priced and offering what a gamer really needs.

In a nutshell he is saying that the PS3 is a perfect next gen gaming console if you haven’t used the 360. Now if this was a year ago I would be agreeing with him 100%, towards the end of last year however the PS3 started to come into it’s own and I would say there are only three things holding it back from being a better gaming console than the Xbox 360 at the moment.

1. Rumbling controllers, until they are bundled they don’t count
2. PSN is not integrated adequately enough
3. Those Blu-Ray lasers seem to be failing just a little to often and without a 3 year warranty I am now a bit worried.

The original article is waiting for your appraisal through the link

Source: SarcasticGamer

Last Updated: May 15, 2008

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  • Fred

    HDMI cable in the box would be nice

  • SlippyMadFrog

    This could get nasty. I definitely agree with the first point. Point 3 may have people disagreeing since there are no official figures released on PS3 failure rates but its still a concern since you can waste R4500 if your blu-ray lazer stop working after a year, but whats the chances?
    PSN is free though, but that doesn’t change the fact that its inferior to XBL.

  • BigDadDy

    1. XMB
    2. Exclusive titles that I’m interested in.
    3. Faster and more reliable Blu_ray Drives.
    4. Better Controllers, that rumble and have propper Triggers.

  • Abe

    All those points could be easily argued (Except maybe the whole in game xmb thing), but my main problem with all this was the underling of “gaming” sure these are gaming console, but the PS3 does have so much more, and many people buy it for those extra’s, and so it is unfair to measure the console without these things simply cos the competition doesnt have them!

  • Syph1n

    but the review is comparing the consoles as gaming devices and not as blue ray players/dvd players and all the rest.



  • hilt_ctn

    So I guess Xbox live in ZA doesn’t count either then…it’s not bundled…so it doesn’t count

    Yes I’m wearing my fanboy hat today

  • kay

    Better pricing, better controllers (larger handles and nicer triggers, vibration would be bonus), *cough* better framerates… *cough* πŸ˜‰

    kay’s last blog post..Donald Knuth Interview

  • Syph1n

    checks calendar….i was sure today is thurday….

  • LazySAGamer

    Yeah it can be argued, however Live has always existed. Rumble is only coming to the party now πŸ™‚

    But this article isn’t about what is best locally it’s about the consoles in general and in general the PS3 isn’t bundled with rumbling controllers yet… I think it’s only Japan that has them bundled now.

  • Abe

    Yes but the fact remains, the PS3 is a gaming console with lots of extras. Extras that many people want!

  • darthdad

    Nice article.

  • Messiah

    Point 1 noted
    Point 2 is a fanboy comment.
    Point 3 noted although I have had no probs with mine
    Point 4 is a fanboy comment

  • Messiah

    If it is bundled in Japan then that is bundled right?

    If Live is available somewhere in the world then it is valid.

  • LazySAGamer

    you missed the first sentence there πŸ˜›

    PS3 owners could argue motion sensitive controllers, something which is looks like Microsoft are going to release

  • PaasHaas

    I personally feel that PSN being free carries just as much weight as the better integration of Live

    I dont really mind either controller but the 360 controller is in definate 2nd place until it gets a decent d-pad imho

    And games like Heavenly Sword and Folklore would not have been the same without motion control

    Standard wireless network is huge plus aswell

  • Ye, no cables from my study to my lounge, rather makes a large difference.

    I also hate the D-pad on the 360 controller, the only thing it has going for it is the triggers which “feel” nice.

    Jinja’s last blog post..Megan Fox Topless

  • The Ps3 contoller is just not comfortable. Have a look at the weird angle your thumbs have to be to rest on the analogue stick, it just doesn’t come to hand as easily as the 360 contoller, there is no palm rest and it’s tiny. I don’t know but after a while I get the consolers version of ‘the claw’.

    RE: Gamer’s last blog post..Kojima Jnr disappointed with Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Fox1

    360 games hardly require the frequent use of the D-Pad.

  • PaasHaas

    Only if you ignore the entire 2d/3d figter genre…

  • Fox1

    What the PS3 needs:
    1) More RAM
    2) A faster Blue-Ray Drive
    3) Longer warranty on BD Lasers
    4) XMB

    The lack of RAM and slow speed of the BD is even dropping the performance of the Cell CPU. There’s not enough RAM for the 7 cores to address. RAM is elementary my dear Fanboy’s ❗

    If they introduce XMB then there is no need for the PS3 media/BD remote. Just like I never found the need for a 360 Media remote. The controller does a fine job.

  • To the contrary, what it does is skew the argument. You can’t compare “like for like” because they’re not. My argument has always been that, fanboys aside, the PS3 is for an AV enthusiast who likes to game, the 360 is for people who are gamers first.

  • PaasHaas

    Faster blu-ray is not needed, since the PS3 has a standard HDD and has to date not negatively impacted any game released.

    If you know anything about how the PS3 is intended to be used with XDR ram then you would know that it is not a problem. That was a pretty clueless statement there…

    How the hell does XMB involve the BD remote? The PS3 can do everything with the gamepad aswell

    The PS3 needs
    1. Less idiots spreading fud

    If you want to blame it for something blame for being overly complex/different from conventional gaming systems

  • kabraal

    Or for people who like to game first, but who also would like a taste of next gen AV with forking out R6000 for a standalone.

    I don’t know, I don’t care anymore how Sony is slammed for hardware delays, broken promisis wrt games etc etc, they propably deserve some of it. But fact remains, for me the PS3 is the best piece of electronic kit I’ve bought in my life. It’s great in all aspects incl gaming, connectivity, home entertainment etc. And it’s proven itself to be easily made better via software updates.

  • RivaZA

    The PS3 and 360 would have benefited from having more ram. I remember Rare saying that the reason for the object limit in Viva Pinata was because of ram constraints. i am sure this is not the only Dev experiencing this on either systems.
    But in the end there is no point debating what should have been. The PS3(and 360) is what it is and the Dev must just deal with it.

  • PaasHaas

    Correct, any form of PC and console would benifit from more ram, not saying it wouldnt, just that ram is definatly not something that is holding the PS3 back anymore than it is for the 360

  • Abe

    I like to game but for me HD movies is an awesome plus!
    So I guess your point is from your opinion and as such has no real truth!

  • Naudran

    If I every get round to actually saving money to buy my PS3, it would not be for the extras. It’ll be for the fact that it’s a gaming console. Blu-ray Players are going as cheap as R 2000 now, so if you want to buy the PS3 for the extras rather than for gaming, I would say rather go buy the BR Player

  • bhw

    For my money I would like a PS3 for BD and GT5 (the full version not the demo).
    For BluRay I can happily wait for the R1999 standalone player and no game is worth 5 gorillas.
    So for the time being I’ll just chug along on my Xbox (at least till it blows up) πŸ˜‰

  • sabagamma

    Ok, I am just curious – how is your last post “Megan Fox topless” (

    Was that intentional?

  • Fox1

    If the PS3 had a faster Blue-Ray Drive and more RAM then there would be no need for those 20 minute installs. XDRAM only offers a speed increase. XDRAM does not increase the number of memory locations that can be addressed at a time. It only increases the speed. Try buying a Quad Core PC with 256mb of DDR3 RAM. It won’t give you the same performance as 2 gig’s of DDR2 memory. It’s like trying to put 21 billion people in 256 houses. If you are successful, then you got a winner 😎

  • Fox1

    There’s a plugin on this site that picks up your last post on your blog. It’s called CommentLuv and it’s at the bottom of the comment box πŸ˜‰

  • PaasHaas

    Thats the entire point!

    The ps3 HAS a standard HDD so theres nothing negative about developers using it why else would it be there…

    And the PS3 operates differently, its not designed like a PC or 360 where you dump everything in memory and go from there. It is designed to manage its memory differently using streaming and spe’s and considerably faster xdr ram.
    Uncharted would be the best example of it being used properly I think.

    If a game is properly designed with the PS3 in mind it doesnt need more memory because it uses it differently.
    What you are mentioning is the exact problem with multiplats atm. You wont get the proper performance if you use it the wrong way.

    Its a completely different system and so your PC comparison is pretty lol and goes to show how much you really understand…

  • HoodedGrub

    Plus she’s not fully topless. She was wearing Pasties over her nipples on the shoot… πŸ˜‰

  • HoodedGrub

    Hold on a min…. A lot of PS3 gamers bought the console for gaming as their primary, but it happens to be the better console as a media center device and to a better degree, future proofed as a Media Center Device.

    But when the HD-DVD war was raging on, all you XBOX/HD-DVD Fans were touting that the PS3 Console was not bought for the Blu-Ray drive and hence can’t be counted in Blu-Ray player stats, but now that HD-DVD is out of the picture, suddenly we have a reversal and the previous HD-DVD/XBOX fans are saying the PS3 is bought by AV Enthusiasts and gamers secondly? lol…. Got to love the wars.. they rage on… πŸ™‚

    I was going to agree with Doobiwan’s statement until I realised that I bought my PS3 after buying my XBOX and both purchases were for the gaming, but in the back of my mind, I was intrigued by the fact that it came bundled with a Blu-Ray player and after the purchase, bought my HDTV to replace my high end Sony HDTV CRT

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