MGS4: A gorgeous looking game vs an even more gorgeous looking game

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IGN have posted a video comparing the MGS4 final build to the footage shown at E3 in 2006. Whilst the original E3 footage was beautiful enough to get fans of the series hyped up, it is in hindsight, nothing compared to the absolutely stunning visuals seen in the final build.

I only wish that all games looked better than their E3 counterparts, it would get me excited as all hell to know that a good looking game is going to look even better by the time it comes out. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with all games these days (cough* Killzone 2 cough*).

Sorry, just clearing my throat.

Last Updated: June 9, 2008

Nick De Bruyne

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  • David

    This video made me not want this game even more, I will never get this game, this game is just another one of those games, why are so many people so hyped about this game anyway, 😎 tell me. ❓ There are so many games that are going to be way way better than this game like for example FAR CRY 2 😎 come no now theres no way
    MGS4 is going to beat FAR CRY 2 No way.

  • PaasHaas

    Unless farcry suddenly spawns a epic storyline, with some of the best directed game cutscenes ever created…
    Unless you want another brain dead shooter ofcourse 🙄

    Kojima dislikes pre-recorded FMV footage since he claims its “fooling” the gamer hence basically every MGS cutscene has always been rendered ingame in realtime.

    What he shows you is what you play and thats why his trailers never dissapoint when you finally recieve the final product, since everything you saw in trailers was running like that ingame already.

  • Fred

    The last video clips of Killzone 2 looked damn good … i think it will deliver the goods in the end.

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