My losing streak continues – The Wheelman gets panned

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Before I get called out I will admit that I have gotten it wrong again… or I have cursed yet another videogame.

I downloaded The Wheelman demo a little while back and was happy to tell anyone who listened how great the game was going to be and how they have managed to truly capture the awesome experience of gaming.

Well the first reviews are in and by the look of it The Wheelman is not only not enjoyable but also a pretty poor excuse for a videogame.

I could try and hide behind the fact that Game Informer has given it an 85 and Team Xbox gave it an 84 but you can’t hide behind IGN giving it a 48, Eurogamer a 50, OXM a 50 and CVG a 52.

I still want to play the game but I can accept defeat and this is just another one of my failed predictions…

Source: Metacritic

Last Updated: March 30, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • The Curse of the Lazygamer strikes again!! We should get developers to pay us to not like their games, I think they would go for it!

  • darthdad

    Damn! Was looking forward to this. Thanks Lazy. :angry:

  • I still enjoyed this game, it had it’s issues but for me it was exactly the type of game I was looking for, and strangely the only one I’ve completed in a while… :blink:

  • Firstly that JOKE SHOW on Go ,PlayR gave it and 8,5 I think? WTF? ?i hope someone from that show sees this because it looks and plays like crap ! ! !it looked like crap with the very first trailer,it looked EXACTLY the same now.It looked like it played badly with the 1st trailer,nothings changed.Best we all leave the PS1 gameplay ,PS2 HD game alone.

  • Your are so “salado” (unlukcy in spanish)… Please don like starcraft 2!

  • according to Google salado means salty :blink:

    unlucky would be desafortunado… try saying that after a few beers

  • Q121

    Well after a few beers you should not be getting unlucky…. So no need to say it :biggrin:


  • I totally agree

  • I don’t know, I am REALLY enjoying the crap out of
    this game.Yes,it has it’s flaws,but it’s really REALLY FUN to play! And after the overhyped snore-fest that was GTA IV (to which all reviewers reffer to for some reason),
    this is really just a cool,over-the-top,wicked ride.
    The subway chase on the bike was worth the price alone. 🙂
    Good times.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Now why the low scores all of a sudden?? Must be the hidious controls i read about when you actaully control Vin outside a vechile… I acctaully hoped this would be like a “The Getaway” clone… Now that was an awesome game for its time!

  • I’m playing it on Pc so I can’t really comment on the
    console version’s controls,but apparently it’s pretty
    bad.I don’t have that much of a problem with it using
    the mouse and keyboard.Although shooting can be pretty
    finicky at times even on THAT.

  • Salado as unlucky is not really a direct translation.

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