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If you love playing racing games and your name is not UnsafestCorpse, then you are probably getting pretty excited for the new and soon-to-be-released GRiD from Codemasters. has posted a new video showing replay footage of a Honda NSX tearing up the streets of Milan. Unlike other racing games, the gameplay graphics are exactly the same as the replay footage, so you aren’t being tricked by some dolled up visuals.

The more I see of this game, the more excited I am to get my hands on it.

Last Updated: June 10, 2008

Nick De Bruyne

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  • dito

  • Fox1

    There’s also demolition derby gameplay of GRiD video on GT 😛

  • UnsafestCorpse

    If you are looking for a good game where the vehicles are on rails I can recommend Train Simulator for the PC…LOL;review

  • UnsafestCorpse

    OMG….I’ve been edited!!! LOL

  • Apocalypse ZA

    i’ve got this and its in my opinion the best racing to come out in a very long time. Awsome graphics and the handling is to die for. This feels like how some cars would handle(not like forza’s)Done a bit of racing in a Subaru, most cars in forza lose it if u take a corner to fast, which isn’t true. Try this and you’ll kinda see and feel how cars handle when you try to push it. this is why this game gets good reviews, not because its arcady, but because of the handling, which is fucking awsome, and graphics are jaw dropping good, if u get to play in HD, u will understand, everything looks truelly 3d in this one.

  • LazySAGamer

    Never, just got stuck in the spam filter because of the length of the link…

    Your comment is now free 😛

  • Vamp

    I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and can’t wait for this.
    I love the way the tires grip if you go side-ways into a corner. And the post-race replays are AWESOME!!!
    The only thing that got to me is that the AI is sometimes a bit Kamakazi. They’ll turn into you for no reason, almost like the game forces you to bump your car to look at that stunning damage modelling. And with 20 cars on a narrow track, you’ll get to see it a lot! Two thumbs up for this game.

    p.s. And drifting on a keyboard is NOT the easiest thing to get the hang of 😉

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