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No need to re-buy DLC if you upgrade your console

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If you purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts, or Battlefield 4 for your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 – and then a few months later decide you want to upgrade to the next generation version of the game on your shiny new console, you won’t have to re-purchase all your cross-generational DLC. As long as you buy a season pass, that is.

Activision confirmed as much for Call of Duty: Ghosts, with DICE saying they’ll be doing something similar for Battlefield 4. Microsoft has now announced that you can expect the same sort of thing for pretty much all games that cross the generational divide.

It’s something called the “Season Pass Guarantee” and it means you’ll never have to pay for the same DLC twice.

“With Season Pass Guarantee, you can purchase a Season Pass for a participating Xbox 360 title and automatically receive access to download the equivalent Xbox One Season Pass.”

“Season Pass Guarantee makes transitioning from Xbox 360 to Xbox One an easier and smoother process, so you don’t have to worry about which console you’re playing games on or repurchasing your existing add-ons on Xbox One.”

Microsoft says that EA, Activision and Ubisoft are on board – and seeing as they’re the primary offenders when it comes to Season Passes, it means you probably won;t have to re-purchase tour DLC for any of your games. You will , however, end up buying the same game twice.

Sony hasn’t announced a similar plan, but I’m pretty certain it’ll be the same in PlaystationLand.

  • Melasco

    That’s not bad… I am however not buying anything on PS3 thats comming to PS4. Only two games left for this generation for me, and that’s GTA, which should keep me busy till PS4. The other is Dark Souls 2, which I’m still hoping will get a PS4 port announced…

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      I’d be surprised if it doesn’t, after all it’s coming to PC too.

      • Melasco

        Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, but either way, I am keeping my PS3. With PS + I’ll still be getting games for it for a long time. 🙂

    • DarthofZA

      I will be very surprised if GTA5 doesn’t come to the next gen. I know they have stated that it will not, but I will still be surprised. I have my reasons. They are the same reasons why I said last year the PS4 and the next xbox would launch this year, and no one believed me. A conversation I had with someone in the games industry told me that it would happen.

      • Melasco

        Well, lets hope so. I also won a bet with a friend who also said last year that there is no way in hell the next consoles will launch this year hehe

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