Piracy = Theft – Stop trying to fool yourself

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The recently released Demigod boss has come out and given us his personal view on pirates and I agree with the man 100%.

According to Brad Wardell “Demigod is heavily pirated” and

“make no mistake, piracy pisses me off”

He then goes on to say what most pirates refuse to admit.

“If you’re playing a pirated copy right now, if you’re one of those people on Hamachi or GameRanger playing a pirated copy and have been for more than a few days, then you should either buy it or accept that you’re a thief and quit rationalizing it any other way”

There is no justification behind pirating and you cannot deny the fact that if you are pirating a game, movie or piece of music then you are a thief, pure and simple.

What I did find interesting however is that he mentions playing it for more than a few days, so basically he is okay with you pirating his title for a few days to see if you like it but after that you should really be buying the game. But isn’t that what a demo is for?

I would hesitate to accept that we can tell the thieves that it’s okay to pirate the games first, as I would be shocked if many of them really upgraded to the real version .

Source: VG247 and Wardell’s blog

Last Updated: May 12, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • Chainedfly2002

    Personally I am also against pirating, but when the DRM protection gets too the point where it is almost not worth buying the game (example: only allow 3 installs, don’t allow you to get your licenses unregistered, and returned), i wonder how badly the new Prince of Persia was pirated, considering it has no DRM protection (from what i understand)… also, how badly are the piracy on consoles?

    Yarrr… :pirate:

  • There’s no DRM on Demigod, hence the reason it’s been pirated so heavily.

    the only REASON for such insane precautions is because piracy is on a rampage. and needs to stop so that we can get games that are painless to install.

  • easy

    when i was a lighty, i used to pirate games (we would all club in for one legit copy then make iso’s) for pretty much everything we played. but in those days we never heard of drm and all one needed was a no cd crack.
    now there’s not one of my mates that pirate games (except for one, a 360 owner tsk tsk ๐Ÿ˜‰ :biggrin: ).
    basically what i’m getting at, is that we all liked games but could not afford them, which is no excuse, but when needs be…
    we now can afford buy games plus multi consoles. and after buying games for almost 12 years now, i feel that i’ve paid back for the 5 or so years of being rum swigging seadog.

    justification… maybe not, but show me one person who hasn’t pirated a game, or watched pirated movies.

  • Dark

    Piracy = Stealing there is no blurry grey line.

  • easy

    only if it was that simple.

  • Lupus

    I used to pirate, but I am talking back in the days, where you would have Duke Nukem 3D on 25 discs, compressed. But we honestly didn’t actually know any better, everyone was doing it and we somehow managed to get these massive games collections. It was only when I got my first job did I start buying my games, then I got a PS2, Gamecube and the original Xbox and my collection of legit games grew. I now do not have a single pirate game in my game collection. You’ve chosen this hobby you will have to pay the price of the games.

  • janrik

    Not all games have demos…

    I’m all for checking something out and if you like it, go buy it… if there is no demo available. :pirate:

  • ZombieGamerZA

    I dont even wana go into this one…

  • bboy

    IF Piracy = Theft – Stop trying to fool yourself

    Then, Theft = Stop trying to fool yourself + Piracy.

    So unless you want to be a thief, ensure that when you Pirate, you also continue to fool yourself, because according to this calculation…

    Piracy + fooling yourself != Theft. :w00t:


  • Atomic

    It’s a tough one. I am against piracy, but the anti-piracy measures these days are becoming too much. Steam for example. Dawn of war 2 took me 8 hours to install, then Empire total war, after 44 hours of “creating game cache files” i gave up and reinstalled my PC , 3 days later and doing a fresh install on my PC, downloading R300 worth of windows updates etc, the game eventually installed, but then Dawn of war 2 would not install. (creating game cache files for 24 hours) It sometimes takes 40 minutes just to launch the game! This last month I’ve been duped by buying 2 games which I cant even play, Suppliers wont give refunds, so What options does one have? – Yet my friends pirated copy like a dream! :pirate:

  • easy

    its a double edged sword.
    games are horrifically expensive, which i assume accounts for the majority of piracy. if games were cheaper you would see a drop in pirated games.
    but you’ll always get those that want something for nothing, always!

    heavy handed drm will push those legit yet disgruntled gamers to piracy… its vicious cycle that seemingly wont go away.

  • skuilie


  • baba

    Get a console!

  • Atomic

    I own a console, and MS region blocks me from downloading additional map packs etc, so I’ve stopped buying games for it and gone back to my PC.

  • It is quite apparent why the PC industry is going so many piracy issues, and at the moment it’s just a catch 22. Piracy became bad, so publishers have started to incorporate Nazi-like DRM into their games. Because of the DRM, PC gamers are getting annoyed.

    The major issue here is also that, as Atomic said above, his friends pirated copy works like a dream. I have heard of many instances in the past where pirated games install and play so much easier. Problem is that publishers simply can’t just drop anti-piracy measures, even though they are becoming a problem, you have to remember that they need to keep making it as tough as possible for an individual to pirate a game, especially people who are not very tech savvy.

    Publishers would be more than happy to make the whole process simpler, if people would stop pirating games, but because they keep on justifying it, they keep going. I remember reading at some point that Crysis had sold less than a million copies, but online statistics had proven that the game was being played by something like 20 million people. That is just ridiculous.

  • WitWolfyZA

    I dont know one person who hasnt pirated some form of copyright protection format before. Lets face it, we all are pirates deep somewhere in our hearts lol

  • WitWolfyZA

    uh huh….not everybody is prepared to pay R700 a game. the thing i hate the most of buying games legit is, like example RE5 I didnt want to buy it when it was released so i saved up my Edgars account afterwards and went back to 3 diffrent CNA’s . Not 1 in stock

  • WitWolfyZA

    sometimes id rather see rolling demo’s then make up my mind

  • WitWolfyZA

    wow thats insane!

  • Shaun

    How do you know if you’re a pirate?
    You just aaaarrrrr…. :pirate:

  • WitWolfyZA

    Welcome to the Caribean

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