PSP Go’s Digital Games same price as UMD?

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Sony’s Australian and New Zealand Chief, Michael Ephraim, has been chatting it about E3 in general and has made an interesting comment about the price of the upcoming PSP Go’s games.

While trying to defend the UMD and insisting on it’s continued use he states that the digital PSP Go’s games will be based on the same price structure as the PSP 3000.

Now he could mean that they have a pricing structure similar to the one below and they will be following it with the PSP Go or they are simply going to market the games at the exact same price.

  • Game Licence $40
  • Manual $5
  • UMD + Case $5
  • Delivery $5
  • Marketing $5

To make up a complete price of AUD $60 per title, so if they followed the same pricing model can we be expected to save $15 per title when we download them?

Do you think it would be acceptable to pick up our flaming torches and pitch forks if they release the digital versions at the full retail price though?

*Please note that pricing structure is purely an example and not truly indicative of what the current pricing model may be.

Last Updated: June 23, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • WitWolfyZA

    Who cares, Its gonna cost more anyways. We pay for the precious cap we use

  • Johnno

    People complaining about the fact that digital copies cost the same when they don’t need to manufacture discs and booklets etc. are forgetting one thing necessary for digital distribution…


    Publishers still have to pay distribution channels like PSN, LIVE and Steam to distribute the content digitally and while it might be less, it’s likely not cheap either and they have to pay them for each copy that someone purchases and downloads. These costs are passed on to you. That’s how it works.

    Digital copies are there more for your convenience of storage and portability… not for price. Internet bandwidth is ridiculously controlled and going digital involves downloading gigs of data that comes out of your monthly bandwidth allowance. Not only will Digital copies cost the same as physical, if you’re looking to do this regularly then you’re going to have to look into your upping you internet bill too…

    Digital Distribution is convenient but costly. Maybe in the future it’ll be better, but for the time being it’s certainly not.

  • Will

    errr, you can download titles for up to 5 different systems. Which means you can split the price with your friends…

  • Even though publishers don’t like it, secondary game sales are a real an actual part of a games value for all gamers. We sell old games we don’t want anymore or didn’t like to begin with and factor that in to a games value.

    Publishers think they will just pocket the difference and we wont notice or care and tough-for-you anyways. But they are wrong.. if we can’t resell digital games they are most definitely worth less.

  • wayne

    um what ever happened to the idea of putting the games onto memory sticks???? you can then save onto the psp go’s built in memory and you would still have a physical copy of the game…..that would work for me.

  • As already pointed out, there are other costs ie. bandwidth but it there are enough adopters then the price should fall as they buy bandwidth in bigger bulk.

  • I have to pay for bandwidth as well, it’s dirt cheap from an international hosting point of view. Way cheaper than manufacturing packaging and manuals

  • CK

    Not with PSP you can’t. Only on PS3. The PSP games only work on one handheld.

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