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Bf hardline hotwire

When you think of Battlefield, you might only focus on the pew pew pew. But that would be wrong. New gameplay details for the Hotwire multiplayer mode add in the vroom vroom so you can ride shotgun. Did you know that stolen cars go faster?

In a new update on the Battlefield blog, we learn about the fast-paced Hotwire game mode. It’s all about driving fast in marked cars – you don’t score points or bleed the enemy team’s tickets unless you’re driving. Landing cool jumps can also get you extra points, so be sure to drive with some flourish.

Of course, this is multiplayer, so get your friends in the car to ride shotgun, or even shoot out enemies from the backseat. You can also sabotage your enemy’s car, or ambush other drivers to steal their wheels. Alternatively, you can create roadblocks complete with trip mines or attach a tracking dart to your enemy for later rocket fire. Finally, there’s a convoy mode as well:

Team up and escort a friend, use your car to take out potential threats, disrupt roadside ambushes, and in general be a pain for the enemy and their plans. Driving in a convoy not only gives the enemy more threats to worry about, it also splits their fire between many targets, increasing survivability for everyone. At least that’s what the theory says.

Here’s the frenetic trailer for this gameplay mode:

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While I’m not normally a shooter game fan, this does look rather fun. I know I will be horrible at it, but it could be a lot of fun to drive around (or use a jet ski if that trailer is accurate) and shoot everyone. I’m still convinced that these cops and robbers are seriously over-armed, but I suppose that’s true in real life, too.

Last Updated: September 19, 2014

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  • Admiral Chief o’ thar 7 Seas

    Be ye ready lads? I ain’t hear ye! Ohh… Who lives in a pineapple under th’ sea Absorbant ‘n yellow ‘n porous be he If nautical nonsense be somethin’ ye wish Then drop on th’ deck ‘n flop like a fish

    • Hammersteyn

      You playing Spongebob now?

      • Admiral Chief o’ thar 7 Seas

        Do you not know what fine day today is?

        • Hammersteyn

          Guess I do now

          • Spaffy

            I don’t

    • HvR

      I’m going to crack this day one and upload it to all torrent servers so that everybody can try it for free!!

  • Admiral Chief o’ thar 7 Seas

    I’m….cautiously optimistic for this!

  • L337J1MB0B

    Wonder if you’ll get to have coffee and donuts during battle to recharge health.

    • Admiral Chief o’ thar 7 Seas

      Hahahah. I can see that happening

      • L337J1MB0B

        All new innovative multiplayer “donut conquest” mode

        • Admiral Chief o’ thar 7 Seas

          Or in the SA edition “bribing DLC”

          • L337J1MB0B

            In the South Africa DLC map pack its been made deliberately unbalanced, so the cops are always useless and the robbers win every round.

  • TGS Babay (Umar)

    Ride the Shotgun in Hardline

  • Hammersteyn

    Like most trailers, everything looks scripted.

  • MakeItLegal

    i wont be buying this beta for at least 6 months

    • Johan du Preez


  • Sir Sails A Lot Llew

    Avast! Yonder beta appears!

    • Admiral Chief o’ thar 7 Seas


  • All that wreckage and bullets for?………….. One stolen vehicle

    • Maxiviper117

      Its a game, with games and movies, logic is basically thrown out the window.

  • Johan du Preez

    I could call shotgun in bf4 as well. Heck I could call shotgun in bf2.

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