Skate 2 Filmer Pack: Are You Serious… Again?

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Why oh why are the gamers of this world letting companies like EA get away with this.

What I am going on about is something that I actually noticed in Skate 2 the other day, but has now also been officially released. I’m talking about the filmer pack. What the filmer pack essentially is, is the full version of the replay editing mode that should have been included with Skate 2 from the very start. It’s absolutely disgusting that they would try and sell us something like this. What’s next, a DLC pack that allows you to use not one, but two analogue sticks!

If you want to find out more about the filmer pack, you can click through to the source at the bottom of the article because I can’t bring myself to endorse or aid the promotion of this type of trash anymore.

The reason that this really hacks my goat is that we all know that one of the greatest features in Skate, is the ability to capture replays and upload them to the net so that you can view and share them. Skate 2, in the strangest move ever, decided to completely omit the ability to edit clips in multiplayer, only leaving you with the ability to save the last short while and then edit it later. “Oh, what, I wasn’t in the frame on that last trick? Oh well, we will just have to go and start another multiplayer session to try it again, and this time hope that it comes out right.”

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Add to this that a lot of people are having issues connecting to EA Nation, so all of the online functionality and community features are disabled for them already. What an insult to gamers to add features that you have to pay for, especially when they should not only have been there from the start, but the ones that are there are broken for so many people that they can’t even enjoy the crumbs that EA have supplied.


Last Updated: January 30, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

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  • Flameboy

    Shut up and buy it. EA screwed us as usual but the Filmer pack is defenitely worth it if you wanna make awesome movies.

  • Damn you Flameboy. The videos you showed me do look really good, but I still believe that there is no reason why it was not included in the full game (which is only a week old). Companies are getting too used to holding back content just to make you pay for it later. Games are not cheap, we are supposed to be forking out all that money because we are getting quality products.

  • spl0it

    Morrr Muneh!!!!!

  • easy

    i agree totally.
    dlc should just add content not functionality.
    sadly the route ea (and others) are going seems to be the way forward for the media industry as a whole.
    its going to get a lot worse.

  • Goose ZA

    I’m with Nick on this one. This DLC was released less than a week after the game’s release which means it was ready before they shipped the game. This is a blatant money making scam.

    And don’t even get me started on connecting to EA nation. I still can’t do it on my proper GT. I made a new Live user and that connected first time. My proper GT connects but can’t sign in so i can’t use my actual skater to play with friends.

    I guess online play with a crap skater is better than nothing but thats not the point! I Emailed EA to ask them to delete my EA nation account so that I could sign up again with my current gamer tag and they said no. WTF?

  • I saw your thread on the skate 2 forums Goose. I am currently in the middle of a whole story with EA support to try and get my account to connect. Believe it or not they have been quite helpful so far, and help reattach persona’s and such, but nothings working just yet 🙁

  • EchoZA

    um!!! I payed for the addon 🙂

  • PsyM0nkey

    Unfortunately, looking at the well response on the EA Skate forums, people are happy buying the filmers pack, and are pleased with it. With that said, unfortunately the minority of us who feel it shouldve been included from the get go, it will make no difference to how EA feels about it. EA/Black Box made the decision and thats the way it will stand and I dont think they’re going to make it free due to ‘lack of sales’. I wouldnt even be suprised if the future iterations of the series will continue the trend, seeing how the general positive response has been.

    So unfortunately, if you want it, you’re going to have to buy it.

    And looking at some of the peoples videos that have been created by it, I am considering it as soon as I can arrange myself some MS points…

  • Nicholas

    When is EA going to realize that pleasing their customers is in their best interest. They continue to look down upon their customers as an all powerful game god, but are really just screwing themselves in the long run. Yes they got my money for the film pack, but that is why I will not buy another EA game. I like skate 2 a whole lot, and that is the only reason I got the DLC. Many developers are moving forward in their philosophy. More is better they say! However, publishers like EA are saying, less costs more because we said so. Here’s a little news EA, the world doesnt work that way, and times are changing. People are opening their eyes( hopefully) and they can see this is a scam. Skate 2 rules, but ironically it made me despise EA much much more. Oh well, I’m only disappointed that the wonderful talent at Black Box could not put their skills to full use with a FULL DEVELOPMENT CYCLE!!! Hear that EA? Cheap bastards.

  • Kidn

    Can you try to make a petition ?

  • aujew

    This does suck, but lets face it, EA could have gotten away with not having these features at all. Also, most people would probably never use the complex replay system to its advantage. I am a skater and am truly excited about the ability to capture lines the way they look in real skate videos. I will gladly pay ten bucks for this and recognize the feature as a toy within itself.

  • aujew

    you basically get a vx 1000 and death lens for ten bucks!

  • deutschebag17

    No. Selling units is in their best interests. All this stuff about pleasing customers is a secondary concerns. If they piss everybody off and move a million units, they don’t care. They KNOW dlc like this will sell, and clearly it has. Petitions won’t get you anywhere. And they’re not being cheap, either. They’re simply exploiting the consumers’ willingness to fork over five bucks for things like extra hats and shoes and the filmer pack. Sure, motivated people like ourselves are outraged, but the kids who have their parents’ credit cards saved on their hard drive are just downloading whatever they feel like, and as a result, the business models for most publishers are moving in this direction. Also, DLC makes a huge percentage per unit because there’s practically no overhead cost.

    It’s all down to dollars and cents, and ultimately we’re going to lose because capitalism is most certainly NOT on the side of the consumer. If it was, everything would be inexpensive and nobody would be in debt.

  • You guys it isn’t like EA is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy their products. Skate 2 is awesome, and even though my opinion comes from the other side of crystal lake, me being a ps3 fan, I still think that it is good and that I am going to buy all but the packs except the time is money pack, because that is a rip off. I bet you EA Black Box completely forgot about the feature, until post production, too late to implement features. Then they realized it and started making the pack. Now, that doesn’t give them the right to charge 7.99 USD for it, afterall it could have been a patch but, you bought it. So don’t complain.

  • :angry: sucks… i just got it today. its bad ass its just fucked up.

  • Cathaoir

    Totally agree ea is a disgrace i had the problem with connecting to ea aswell , but it finally just started working , then my skate just randomley broke ? the filmer pack should have been included ,their real mugs trying to sell us a filmer pack its a disgrace , i hate ea !
    but skate is an amazing game

  • Lawrence

    Has anyone actually got the DLC to work? I signed up for a US PSN account and downloaded it for the US PS Store and it didn’t show up in the game. I then signed with a UK PSN account and downloaded it from the UK Store and it still doesn’t show up? Am I doing something wrong?

    I’ve also tried plenty of times to upload a replay and it never works. Should I just resolve myself to the fact that Playstation support in SA is crap and just forget about any online functionality or DLC.

    DLC in general is a bad idea. It give companies an excuse to make an average game instead of an awesome game, because they’ll release the rest of the cool stuff as DLC later. And those for whom DLC does not work are screwed and left with an average game. If Skate 3 isn’t 100 times better with 100 times more features than Skate 2, I’m not buying it. DLC should add to an Awesome game, not help fill out an average game, because the developers where lazy or greedy.

  • Lunar

    Do people realize that they are paying for something that was included in SKATE?

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