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The Ballad of Luigi – Mario is such a dick

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This is the debut music video from Starbomb, a sort of nerdy videogamey supergroup union of EgoRaptor, Game Grumps, and Ninja Sex Party. They’re all about doing adult-oriented songs based on  games, which generally means low-brow things like dick-jokes about Mario, Kirby and the Legend of Zelda. This one, incredibly animated by Egoraptor treads familiar ground; Luigi’s a loser, Mario is a giant dick and Peach is loose with her emotion – but it’s a pretty catchy tune.

The whole album is available on iTunes if this is your sort of thing. Physical copies are available via the band’s website..

  • iAmWeasel

    Geoff just had a Mariogasm.

  • What the hell… I’m horrified that I actually enjoyed that

  • Ottokie

    Egoraptor’s videos always make my day!

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