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Too Human is one of the games that the Xbox fans keep using to show how strong the 360 line up is this year.

I myself am not convinced yet but after watching this video which goes through how the co-op section will work I am more interested in the game. It’s not really the type of game I would go for normally but I can see this as being a lot of fun with the wife or some other non hardcore game…

While most games have co-op at the moment I still find the amount of non-fps co-op games to be limited…

Last Updated: June 25, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Janrik

    This was a must buy when it had onscreen coop (2 players per 360) and 4 player coop over live.

    Now with ‘only’ 2 player coop over live, it is a might buy, depending on the launch time and what else is out in that month.

  • Please let this game be good. I need my Diablo fix!

  • I think Silicon Knights need to shut up trying to hype this thing. They just need to call it a “deep RPG” and stop trying to sell it as some cross genre wunderkind.

    If they had never mentioned 4 players or online, you’d look at it and go, ooh great single player RPG. It’s got co-op? nice. The fightings more than than just point and click? Awesome.

    With all the hype people are expecting a game that beats Ninja Gaiden, Diablo and World of Warcraft, which is just unfair.

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  • Janrik

    I agree with you Doobi.

    My 4 player coop winner for this year will be left 4 dead I think.

    Sounds clever, looks like fun and I get to do it all wit 3 good friends at a time. Good stuff.

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