Virtual reality is the real next-gen

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With Sony’s PlayStation 4 first out of the announcement gates, it’s safe to say that the next generation is coming soon; but according to Oculus Rift CEO and founder Palmer Luckey, that’s not the next-gen you want, nor is it really next-gen. Luckey believes that the Oculus rift is the real next-gen.

“We do think that this is the next generation of gaming,” Luckey told VG247.

“Right from the very beginning of 3D games one of the goals has been to make a virtual reality, to make you feel like you’re actually present in the world. That’s really what first-person games are meant to do. I think that virtual reality – it’s very clear that people want this. They see it and they say ‘This is something I want; I want to be in these worlds’.

“There’re other potential paths to next generation gaming, like people say ‘Mobile is the next generation,’ or touch or social – but you don’t see people saying ‘Wow, all my life I’ve always wanted to play a social mobile casual streaming game with microtransactions.’ But what they do say is, ‘I want to play a game in virtual reality’. And that’s why I think this is getting so much traction, and why it will really be a next generation gaming device.”

He doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about the PlayStation 4; largely because it doesn’t feature VR, and he’s unabashedly biased.

“Maybe it’s the right path for them. I wouldn’t have gone down that path because I’m a VR enthusiast, I wanna make virtual reality happen,” he said.

“So in terms of have Sony gone down the wrong path in terms of my point of view as a VR enthusiast? Yeah, sure, but that’s because I’m a nut that loves VR so anything that’s not VR is going to be a mistake for me.”

Virtual Reality has come and gone as a gimmick so many times in the last few decades; is the technology finally at a place where it becomes feasible?

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