Wal-Mart stops selling HD-DVD players

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This is a bit of a shot in the dark here because my Internet won’t play the CNN video. However it is being reported that the video through the link is an official CNN report about the fact that Wal-Mart have now officially stopped selling HD-DVD players.

They have gone exclusively to Blu-Ray and being the largest retail chain in the US (World?) this is a killer blow for HD-DVD.

Hopefully now Toshiba and Sony can kiss and make up and we can move forward with one high definition format.

CNN Video Report

Last Updated: January 17, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • NeoAtlas

    I guess this report was coming, after Warner Bros. announcement to support blue-ray. A goliath? retail chain follow suit. It’s about time!

  • Messiah

    does anyone really think HD-DVD still have a chance?

  • LazySAGamer

    Well I had Blu-Ray all but written off in November last year so I obviously don’t know much about this.

  • UnsafestCorpse

    Even in light of this latest news, I’ve gone ahead and ordered the Xbox HD-DVD drive. It’s still gonna take some time for Blu-Ray to get 100% marketshare and I figure that with HD losing the fight there’s gonna be lots of bargin bins filled with cheap HD movies….so I’ll score there!! LOL.

  • Messiah

    @UnsafestCorpse – Not a bad idea 🙂

  • Abe

    Sigh, non believers. It was always gonna end this way.
    The internet has the incredible ability to create illusions of grandure. BD was always gonna win!

  • hilt_ctn

    I think this is the link you’re looking for


    He goes on to say Wall-Mart will sell you an HD-DVD player from the online store, but not if you walk into a store. On the shelves will be Blu-Ray players only

    He also mentions Blu-Ray recorders are showing up and they have a cheaper price point

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