Will you help Kickstart a new Ecco the Dolphin?

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Are you an older gamer like myself? Do you remember running over to your friend’s house as a kid and checking out the incredible new SEGA title, Ecco the Dolphin?

If not then you missed out on one of the best games of that generation. It was unique, beautiful and ground-breaking and one of the sad things about the videogame industry is that Ecco never managed to kick-on and become something that everyone experienced.

But the creative minds behind Ecco the Dolphin have teamed up again and have launched a Kickstarter that isn’t a sequel to Ecco but is rather the next evolutionary step for the genre that Ecco defined.

It’s truly a weird sounding idea and one that I’d personally like to see come to fruition.

Take a look at their kickstarter video and then if you think it needs to exist head on over to their page and put some hard earned coin down on their idea. Right now they only have $20k of their $650k goal but it’s only been going for one day; there is time.

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