Xbox Disc Replacement Plan

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It seems like Microsoft are finally admitting that there may be a problem with the DVD drives inside the Xbox 360 which can damage your gaming discs.

What’s even better though is that they have now launched a program where you can get your damaged discs replaced. However it only applies to a few games currently but I am sure with a bit of pressure this can be improved.

Here is the list of the games currently covered

  • Crackdownâ„¢
  • Fuzion Frenzy 2
  • Gears Of War®
  • Halo® 2
  • Kameoâ„¢: Elements of Powerâ„¢
  • Ninety Nine Nightsâ„¢
  • Perfect Dark Zeroâ„¢
  • Project Gotham Racing® 3
  • Viva Piñataâ„¢
  • Xbox Live® Arcade Unplugged Vol. 1
  • There are some catches though if you read through the terms and conditions it states that this is a limited offer, they will only replace the game disc and not any of the other materials and they will only replace the disc if you enclose at least 90% of it :)… What are some people doing with these games?

    Anyway it’s about time they started doing this but I see no reason why they cannot cover every single game? If you can prove that you paid for the licence then the material only has a cost of what R5? I guess something is better than nothing though?

    Click through the link to get your application forms which you will need to complete and send to Microsoft along with your disc. Yes South Africa is covered.

    Link to | System Use – Xbox Disc Replacement Plan Currently Available Game Titles

    Last Updated: April 3, 2007

    Gavin Mannion

    I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

    • suna

      The Xbox 360 doing something wrong like destroying your property? Tell me I haven’t just read something negative about Microsoft on this blog. Oh lord, my PTSD must be acting up again.

    • Dion Kets

      Where do I send my damaged disc to in South Africa or must I send it to Europe.

    • LazySAGamer

      In the manual that came with your Xbox 360 there is a local support number which you need to call. They will let you know where to send them.

      I don’t have the number with me at the moment but if you have any problems finding it drop me an email and I will get it for you…. [email protected]

    • so how much does it cost?

    • LazySAGamer

      10 Pound… R140.. not very cheap I know

    • do you think that any more games will become replacable any time?

    • LazySAGamer

      There is no news on extra games being added at any time…

      I would guess that all games being published by Microsoft will be covered… I guess we will find out if that is the case when Halo 3 is released

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