Xbox Live Gold Membership – Temporary Price Drop

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For a limited time only, Microsoft have dropped the price of the 12 month gold subscription for Xbox Live.

When people first started noticing the drop, there was speculation as to whether or not the price drop was going to be permanent, however Microsoft have confirmed that the price drop is only going to be available for a limited time and will go for the current US price of $39.99 (roughly R415.00).

At the moment it looks as if the price drop is only valid for US accounts, as the UK price on is still sitting on £39.99.

A rep at Microsoft had the following to say regarding the price drop:

“We are currently running a promotion in-dash that gives Silver members a special opportunity to upgrade to the full benefits of Gold membership at a reduced price for a limited time,”

“While there are occasional price promotions offered for our service, we’re confident our 12-month Gold members realize the tremendous entertainment value provided for just over $4 per month.”

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: March 5, 2009

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  • Fox1

    It would be nice if we had Live in the first place :cwy: :angry:

  • Dev

    Gamepointsnow has thier membership going for $31.95 so at the current exchange rate of R10.45 brings the total to R334

  • adam

    You wrong about that price. gamepointsnow prices are in pounds not dollars. So thats 31.95 UK pounds. Comes to R470 or so. is saying the price has dropped in the UK also.

  • Dev

    ahh my bad i saw the pound sign now

  • WitWolfyZA

    Its just to see if they get more subscribers with a lower price tag thats all

  • Richard


    What has happened to I know that it used to redirect to some other website, but now it just gives an error “Directory Listing Denied”.

    Any ideas? :unsure:

  • It is now known as “Maximus Card”
    Update your bookmarks to point to

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