First Street Fighter IV Reviews Scoring High

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Thank goodness that the local Capcom distribution is finally sorted because if through some cruel twist of fate, us South African didn’t get Street Fighter IV (and indeed Resident Evil 5), a lot of us would be really sad pandas.

The first reviews are in and the game is looking pretty damn amazing. Metacritic averages are sitting on 95 and 96 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 respectively. The IGN review above gives a good indication of what kind of fun you can expect to have with SFIV, although the voiceover may just put you to sleep.

I am glad to see that so many companies are realising that it isn’t always the best idea to reinvent the wheel. The old Street Fighter games were loved globally for a reason, there was something there that made it great and that’s why they have decided to improve the visuals and everything else, but keep the core gameplay the same as it’s always been with only minor tweaks, additions and adjustments.

How many of you are going to be picking this game up? Is there a lot of interest in this revival or is it going to come and go without any attention locally?

Last Updated: February 13, 2009

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  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    SF IV has become quite a dilemma for me, personally, simply because I view it much like Guitar Hero games – you need a proprietary peripheral. Regular controllers just don’t do a fighting game any justice… but am I prepared to drop R800 in addition to the price of the game for one experience? Not sure I am.

  • 2Bop

    I’m definitely picking it up . Got somebody to bring it down during the capcom distribution fiasco so it arrives soon. I think it has brought back a lot of the original SFII fans of which there are many. (I think they’ve sold 25 million units of it on consoles). I hope it takes off locally. You can trace my Street fighter IV fever at my site

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