Tiger Woods 2009 getting good reviews

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I have been a fan of the Tiger Woods series for my entire life… okay that’s entirely untrue but what is true is that I have enjoyed the game ever since it was first released.

I will admit however that I normally only pick up every second title as I found the improvements to be good but not groundbreaking. However this years iteration looks like it is a must.

We already spoke about the “call out” system previously and now Eurogamer has just posted their review and given it a storming 9/10…. With very very little bad to say about the game.

By the sound of it the online interaction has been ramped up incredibly and has really brought the social aspect of gaming into your living room…

Not to mention we now have a Gary Player designed course in the game which means you have to buy it… it’s the law….

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 2, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Syph1n

    Im sorry. I just dont get golf games…

  • Fred

    Hit the little white ball till it’s in the hole. I agree , not my cup of tea , unless you could drive around the course in your pimped out buggy hitting other players with the golf club.

  • Bboy

    I also thought Golf Games were a bad idea and i’d never thinki’d say this, but i got hold of the last tiger woods on PS2 and it’s pretty damn cool to play with a bunch of friends. Especially if you have some friends who aren’t good at games… and only like sports… preferably golf :/

  • bokka1

    It got an 85 on Metacritic which is quite good for a sports game.

  • baba

    IGN reckons that the Wii version is best. They just nailed the controls on Wii.

  • Banana hammock

    Sigh, i’m tired of these EA annual remakes. If you pick up TW2004 for the PS2 and play TW2008 on the PS3 it’s the same damn game with better graphics.

    They proved they can be innovative with Skate, why not try and give us something new?

  • Arc316

    I agree. But I you could release the same game every year with a new cover and sell a brazillian again. Wouldn’t you.

  • Banana hammock

    I would indeed 🙁

  • kent

    some help me pleae I play tiger woods on ps2 and have just got the 2009 version today, I swing with the right hand stick as I play left handed. how on earth do I change it from the left as previous version let you do this in controller set up but the 2009 version it will not let you do it in there.
    Help please I can’t play it with the left stick!!!

  • kimmer415

    I have the opposite problem! My PS2 makes me swing with the right controller and the old 2004 was with the left! How do ou switch that setup?

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