Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto IV

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I have been waiting all week for this one, Yahtzee gets to rip into GTA..

However I am walking away now thoroughly disappointed… mainly because he didn’t give me any more insight into the game than I am already feeling.

Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying GTA, but some parts are horribly repetitive and not ever being a major RPG or MMORPG gamer I am not used to this ‘grinding’ .

There are parts that shine for me though, executing a lowlife mafia boss was one of them….

Falling off the bridge into the middle of the river and taking 10 minutes to get out wasn’t… that was actually exceptionally annoying…

The Escapist : Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto IV

Last Updated: May 15, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    I haven’t had a feeling of ‘grinding’ in GTA, as yet, but I agree: nothing in gaming is more boring than that. It’s also the reason why I, in GTA go from mission to mission and play the game sequentially…

  • although I think that they’ve nailed the Taxi drivers in the game… They’re all TERRIBLE DRIVERS!

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The handling of the cars are crap. Without handbrake I can’t get the car to turn fast enough but with handbrake they turn too much. It is as if Niko can turn the steering wheel OR step on the brakes, not both.

  • @Lazy – you don’t have to grind, those missions are optional. I’m trying to stay as focused on hte main thread as possible and it’s quit easy with little or no grinding.

    As far as the driving goes, I really like it. It’s “arcade realistic” ie every car handles exactly as you would expect in real life. Don’t try hard cornering in a Lowrider! Go get yourself the Viper thingy or a Sports sedan.

  • kay

    Had to LOL when I watched it last night. As usual, he nails it – I’ve only played GTA4 for a couple of hours but I know exactly what he’s getting to. As amusing as some of the bits are, and as impressive an achievement the city is, I can’t help but feel a mild indifference towards the gameplay. But it’s amusing enough that I will keep trying, and hopefully it gets better 🙂

    kay’s last blog post..Donald Knuth Interview

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