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MAN OF STEEL is going to be the only DC Comics film for the next three years

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Marvel Comics happens to have a solid library of films building up now, with at least one new entry every year. DC Comics on the other hand? They’ve tried their hand at an annual blockbuster, but so far, it’s not working out too great, with the latest Superman film, Man of Steel, the only other new entry coming from that universe, for the next three years, after The Dark Knight Rises.

However, just because Zack Snyder’s Superman film is the only one currently scheduled, don’t count out other DC properties from making an eventual appearance.

Even though that other big budget adaptation, Green Lantern, bombed worse than an atomic warhead of bad ideas, Warner Bros is still interested in pursuing other characters, such as The Flash and Wonder Woman, eventually culminating in their own Justice League film, which would take on the Avengers in terms of scale and scope. But that’s going to take some deep planning and forecasting to happen.

As Warner Bros. film group President Jeff Robinov revealed, “”My hope is that over the next month or so we’ll be ready to lay out the plan for the next DC movies.

While DC has taken a different tact than Marvel with bringing their characters to the silver screen, they have one massive advantage, primarily due to the fact that all the characters and their film rights are owned, and can be adapted by one primary film company, as opposed to the splintered direction that Marvel has had to use in doing so.

The current plan by DC however, is to first get some public awareness around their second-tier characters going, through the use of various mediums. Syndicated cartoons such as Young Justice and Green Lantern are doing just that, while a constant stream of animated movies has also proven to be a moderate success in addition to the relaunched line of source material comic books.

Nothing beats a video game for exposure though, as Warner Bros has turned to their favoured developer, Arkham Asylum and City creators Rocksteady Studios, to help develop a Batman prequel game that will introduce more members of the league.

It’s a bold plan so far, but do you think that it’s a right step in the right direction?

Last Updated: July 12, 2012

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  1. James Francis

    July 13, 2012 at 13:19

    How is the DC approach an advantage? It’s not really worked for them, whereas Marvel’s blockbusters and duds are spread across stuff Marvel Studios made and stuff made in partnerships. As far as I can remember, the reason why Marvel is trying to bring more of its licenses in-house is to make more money. But it’s not a move that always dictated the quality of the product.


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