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Friday Fright Club – Carrie

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I’ve always had a particular fondness for Stephen King’s books and films. The King of screams has managed to give us nightmares for several decades now and he still isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, with new books and film and series adaptions being announced quite regularly, so I think a fitting tribute would be to have a chat to you guys about Carrie – especially with its remake on the way.


For those of you who have not seen the original, Carrie deals with a lonely teenage girl who lives under the tyrannical rule of her abusive and religiously zealous mother, while frequently being bullied and taunted at school because of her anti-social demeanour. After a traumatic incident at school, she realises that she has telekinetic abilities and as her powers grow, so does her confidence – enough confidence to go to her high school prom not knowing that a trap has been set for her by mean classmates.

While the film is famous for its particularly bloody and climatic ending, the most chilling aspect of the entire movie would be Carrie’s mother and her bullies at school. Teenagers are terrifying, I don’t think anyone can disagree. The purely malicious nature of some of the teenagers film is quite shocking to witness and only adds to build up the film to its finish. As with other films from the 70’s, the film is never in a rush to end as it takes on a journey with Carrie, allowing us to step into her shoes to realise how seemingly hopeless her situation seems…and what a little bit of power can mean to someone who has always felt powerless.

Carrie definitely isn’t the scariest film on my list, but it is definitely worth the watch for horror fans. I also think it is one of only a  few films worthy of a remake as, at a ripe age of 37, I think it is a story worth modernising. I’m curious to see whether Chloë Moretz will be able to play the victim and the aggressor with the same conviction as Sissy Spacek, as she very convincingly manages to make the role her own. Oh, and keep a look out for a pre-fame John Travolta in easily one of the most campiest performances I have ever seen as a girlfriend-slapping, wannabe-Grease jock.

Will the Carrie remake be able to outshine its cult classic predecessor? Will the talented Ms. Moretz be able to make the same impression as Sissy Spacek did with her memorable performance? All I know is, I’m pretty glad I didn’t take Carrie to the prom.


Last Updated: May 3, 2013


  1. James Francis

    May 5, 2013 at 23:58

    Definitely one of the better Stephen King adaptations.


  2. Kervyn Cloete

    May 6, 2013 at 07:11

    I haven’t seen this since I was quite young, and never read the book, so details are very blurry to me, and I’ve been wondering for a while now whether I should give it a rewatch before the new film gets released or after.


    • James Francis

      May 6, 2013 at 09:42

      And miss the chance to chuckle at a teenage John Travolta?


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