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Netflix's DAREDEVIL series will be one 13 hour movie

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DC Comics may have several new TV shows on the way, but Marvel is taking a bigger risk with their plans for several Netflix series based on their characters. One such hero getting a role on the streaming screen is the man without fear, Daredevil. And it’s going to be one big tale told over 13 hours.


Talking to CBR about doing shows for Netflix, and Daredevil in particular, Quesada explained that the project was near and dear to him:

I’ve been working very, very closely with the entire team on all levels of the show. I think everybody knows my relationship with the character of Daredevil, and how important the character is to me — not just on an emotional front, but on a professional front. How DD brought me back here to Marvel, and how instrumental he was to even me being in this particular position I’m in today. I’m very involved with the show, as well as everything that we’re doing with the Netflix shows. I’m incredibly excited, plus the dark and gritty noir world of DD and the Netflix characters, it’s kind of where I live so it naturally attracts me to begin with.

Don’t think for a second however that this means that previous attempts at Daredevil are being shoved under the mat. According to Quesada We’re going into the show trying to create something that’s incredibly exciting, incredibly engaging, and will give our fans something that they love, something that’s unexpected, something that’s going to keep them coming back for more.”

Still, the series is two years away. But that’s a good thing as Quesada explained:


One of the advantages is really from the planning stage — obviously it’s much easier to work with a smaller number of episodes than it is with a larger number of episodes. We can sit there and look at 13 episodes and plan it out as a very large movie. It makes seeing the bigger picture a little bit easier… You can’t deny that there will be binge-viewing. You know that there are going to be some Marvel fans that when this show premieres, they are going to go on to Netflix, and they are going to sit there for 12 to 13-plus hours, and watch the entire thing all the way through. It’s going to happen.

The Netflix model offers us the advantage of being able to construct the show in a manner that is very different than a weekly network TV show… With weekly TV, you sit there and go, “The audience may not want to wait two or three weeks to get this particular bit of information.” Whereas with Netflix, we might be able to hold onto a particular piece of information, because they may just watch it two hours later.


Last Updated: May 13, 2014


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