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You can build a huge gladiator Hulk with these Thor: Ragnarok action figures

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Not everyone can afford to drop what scientists refer to as a “stupid” amount of money on an action figure that quickly becomes an inaction figure when you’re too scared to break the seal on your box. Spending around$250 to $300 on a figure is a bit ludicrous and the highest of ends in that regards. Fortunately, you can still get something comparatively decent and then some with Marvel’s Legends range of action figures.

On the surface, they look alright: Six-inch tall replicas of heroes and villains that boast plenty of articulation and usually an above average paint job. The key draw to these figures have never been the characters themselves oddly enough, but rather the extras that they come with. Specifically maybe a leg here or a torso there. It sounds like something out of Seven, but really Marvel Legend’s primary gimmick is genius stuff.

Those limbs and bits that you get with one of the figures? They can usually be assembled to create an even bigger, cooler figure in the process. The line has done that several times already, creating massive Juggernaut, Galactus and Sentinel action figures over the years. For Thor: Ragnarok, they’re possibly creating the best one yet: A towering Gladiator Hulk who hails straight outta Sakkar:

So which figures will you need to have a full collection of to build the gamma giant? You’ll have to splurge on six-inch figures of Loki, Thor, and Hela for the first set of parts and Jane Foster Thor, Odinson and the war-god Ares for the rest of the bits. At $20 each according to the RRP, that also works out to a fair bit of change to spend in pursuit of owning a massive green steroid rage monster and yes dammit I am probably going to spend that amount of money because look at him.

He looks like he could use Russell Crowe as toilet paper in an arena. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? I certainly would be if I saw that happen. The figures release in the US near the release of Thor: Ragnarok in November. Hopefully, they’ll make an appearance on this side of the globe so that I don’t have to hit up Amazon for them.

Last Updated: June 30, 2017

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