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DC’s Doomsday Clock begins with a shocking resurrection

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At its core, DC’s upcoming crossover between its primary heroes and those of the Watchmen universe, is a clash that involves the ideas of hope colliding with that of pessimism. It’s an ideal match-up, one which shines a spotlight on DC’s recent efforts to restore their heroes towards a brighter status quo in the wake of last year’s Rebirth event, against the more dystopian themes created by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons in Watchmen.

At a panel at New York Comic Con, DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns and author Lev Grossman sat down to discuss the Doomsday Clock crossover, and how it’ll factor in the DC Universe once all is said is done. Naturally, there are some spoilers below. Including a big one that needs to be seen to be believed in the preview pages that were shown off. Consider yourselves warned.


While Doomsday Clock will center on the battle between Superman and Dr Manhattan, it’ll also introduce a few other surviving characters. Taking place after the events of Watchmen, the Earth of that reality is in chaos. Adrien “Ozymandias” Veidt’s grand plans to save mankind has gone pear-shaped, as the three million deaths at his hands using a fake alien invasion to rally the planet towards a more united future has been derailed by the journals of Rorschach which made it to the press.

The revelations within those books saw the light of day, Veidt is now the most wanted man alive and the Cold War between Russia and America is in massive danger of suddenly becoming thermonuclear in temperature. Hell, with Russia having invaded Poland, the American government is a mere four hours away from retaliating while the president himself celebrates a hole-in-one on his gold course. City centers are being evacuated and prisoners are being left to die in their cells as the populace heads to bomb shelters.

While one inmate threatens to kill a jailer should he not be free, a vigilante makes his appearance known. A vigilante who died trying to stop Veidt from keeping his plan secret: Rorscharch.


That brings up numerous questions, not the least of which is how the hell did a streel-level vigilante manage to survive being atomically rearranged by a cold and indifferent god? Did Dr Manhattan truly kill Rorschach, or did he merely decide to teleport him to parts unknown instead after his omniscient vision already saw the future unfold? That’s a story that I can’t wait to see unfold. And the best bit? It’ll only be told within the pages of the Doomsday Clock. “No Crossovers,” Johns said at NYCC via Bleeding Cool.

Not an event, no one shots, not an issue of Action Comics with Doctor Manhattan talking and fighting with Bizarro and Superman. I wanted Gary [Frank] to draw every frame of this story and I wanted to write every panel and every line of dialog. The only thing you have to have read beyond this story is Watchmen. You don’t have to read Rebirth to understand Doomsday Clock.

If you’re keen on a taste of the first issue before it arrives late November, you can read the first six pages of the Doomsday Clock right here.

Last Updated: October 9, 2017

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