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DC’s next Earth One graphic novel focuses on a more scientific Green Lantern

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The idea of having comic book heroes in a more grounded reality isn’t exactly new to the medium. How would the fantastic operate in a world with more mundane rules? Could such heroes really stick to the shadows in an age where everyone on the planet carries a device which can broadcast to a world wide web of information instantly? Marvel’s line of Ultimate comics was in the beginning, a solid take on a more structured universe of actions and consequences.

It wasn’t the first imprint to approach that angle for comic books, but it was easily the most prevalent one before it started dipping back into more familiar tropes. DC Comics would eventually revive the concept for its own brand of stories, graphic novels published under the banner of Earth One. Much like Marvel, these stories took massive liberties with the source material but still stayed true to the core of the characters that they were based on.

Some of them are pretty solid actually. Superman’s Earth One series focused on his alien heritage in a way that didn’t feel depressing, while the Batman Earth One graphic novels portrayed an angry young man seeking justice against a city that stole his life away from him. Up next in the Earth one universe? The original man without fear, Green Lantern.

This time, the space-cop of Sector 2814 will star in a story with a twist: All of the Green Lanterns are dead by the hands of the Manhunters, and it’s up to Hal to fight back and reform the corps while balancing his life as an astronaut for Ferris Galactic. “Approaching this as an Earth One story gives us the opportunity to go back to the core concept of Green Lantern and interpret it through the lens of a modern, grounded sci-fi story while still being true to the Silver Age roots of Hal Jordan,” writer Gabriel Hardman explained via Newsarama.


Having storyboarded Interstellar, this is an approach I’m comfortable with and have wanted to explore in comics. Realistic sci-fi is only the beginning of this story; we have something much more epic in store.

Hardman’s approach to Hal Jordan won’t be just as a cocky pilot who finds himself wielding one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. Jordan’s skill as a pilot and as a scientist will also play a role in his debut adventure as Green Lantern. “Hal Jordan is a smart, capable person with a space and science background who has a lot of untapped potential even before he finds the ring,” co-writer Corinna Bechko added.

That means he’s going to approach everything the ring does from the perspective of a scientist, but he’s going to employ it for action and adventure. The result for us as writers is the opportunity to fully embrace the science fiction aspects of the story in a way that would be impossible with a lot of other characters.

That’s an interesting angle, one that has pretty much never been explored in any of the mainstream Green Lantern comics. The Earth One graphic novel also has one other big gun in its arsenal: Artist Jordan Boyd, who’ll be giving life to the script with some stunning art when it launches next year March.

Last Updated: July 13, 2017

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