Deadpool is going to kill the Marvel Universe…again

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A couple of years back, Marvel Comics had a bit of a morbid fascination with introducing their library of characters to extinction events. What began with The Punisher in 1995’s one-shot Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, would soon be revisited in just over a decade later with an entire alternate reality of stories where X character murdered just about everyone in spandex.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was the zenith of this idea. The merc with a mouth faced a foe he just couldn’t beat: Sanity, courtesy of the Psycho-man. Rendered somewhat not f***ing bananas, Deadpool’s entire existence became dedicated to wiping out superheroes, villains and just about anyone gifted with extra-normal powers before he set his sights on reality itself.

Funny thing is, without his insanity and several voices in his head hindering him, Deadpool was frighteningly effective. A keen tactical mind, a regenerative healing factor that allowed him to bounce back from Uru hammer strikes and Adamantium claws resulted in a deadly package and the deed was eventually done. Some of the methods used were ingenious.

Thor got squashed with his own hammer when Deadpool applied Pym particles to it, Spider-Man got a bullet to the brain at point-blank range and Professor X had his brain shut down after he peered to deep into Wade Wilson’s mind. Just about everyone else met a gruesome end at hands of the regeneratin’ degenerate. Hell, not even the staff of Marvel Comics were fictionally safe as they learnt that giving a character the power of fourth-wall awareness was a bad idea.

Get ready for round 2 then, because Deadpool is going to do it all over again. Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso tweeted out some cover art for the upcoming mini-series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again:

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Deadpool kills the marvel unvierse (2)

Prediction? Lots of dead superheroes. Like…this many. I’m holding my arms out wide right now, but you get the point.

Last Updated: March 31, 2017

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