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Godzilla is burning and ready to rumble with this $2000 statue

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Burning Godzilla (16)

The Critical Hit office has often debated various topics that have left us a tad bit divided, but it wasn’t until the first trailer of Godzilla Vs. Kong that we all managed to descend into an actual civil war. Unlike those filthy Godzilla-supporting miscreants at the Critical Hit Liberation Front, Critical Hit Sans Frontieres know that the true king of the monsters is Kong.

We’re banking on Kong finally earning his full name when the film drops in March, or we’ll go down with our mighty monkey overlord ince we start handing out the poisoned Kool-Aid. Anyway, we’re still fans of the Big G here at Critical Hit, especially when his last two films have been bloody spectacular examples of what happens when a few hundred million dollars worth of pixels smash into each other.

Godzilla King of the Monsters featured the original Kaiju in his undisputed prime. An apex predator supercharged with nuclear energy, Godzilla was a walking engine of destruction in his final battle against King Ghidorah, easily whooping the three-headed space demon’s ass in spectacular fashion. That particular version of Godzilla will soon be immortalised in resin and LEDs, but with a Heisei twist!

Spiral Studio’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters Ultimate Masterline: Battle in Boston Series – Burning Godzilla Deluxe Edition Statue (that’s a mouthful!) features a design based on artwork from Matt Frank, with an extra component being classic Kaiju Mothra sacrificing herself to give Big G an increase in power. Combined with the energy from a nuclear explosion that it had absorbed, this version of Godzilla was supercharged and ready to unleash the atomic age on Ghidorah.

Spiral’s version of that moment is made from a mix of translucent resin, polystone, and vinyl, with LEDs inserted to give the Kaiju king an eerie glow. It’s also a BIG boy, measuring in at a height of 105.2 cm, a width of 101.1 cm and a length of 96.2 cm. Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but with a limited run of 250 pieces, expect it to be a pricy beast when pre-orders go live this week.

Update: $1100 for the regular version, and a Kaiju-sized $2000 for the deluxe edition, shipping not included.

Last Updated: January 27, 2021

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