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Hot Toys Arkham Knight Batman is a sexy sixth-scale fusion of man, machine and toy

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If I’m going to fight crime (successfully), I’m going to want as much protection as humanly possible. The only problem? All that protection kind of slows you down. Trust me, I’ve worn a replica of Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batsuit and I felt more like a gigantic condom than a sworn avenger of the night. Out of all the Batman costumes seen so far, it’s the suit worn in Batman: Arkham Knight that feels like a perfect marriage of man and machine.

It might require a pinch of imagination, but the idea is solid enough: A combination of titanium-dipped tri-weave fiber mesh, flexible Kevlar plates and a magnetorheological fluid layer combined with bleeding edge technology to create the ultimate costume for the caped crusader. Cosmetically? It’s an utter work of art as well, boasting a certain sense of style and slickness that no other Batsuit can replicate.


It’s also the look I’ve been waiting months for, as the original reveal of the Hot Toys Arkham Knight Batman figure had me drooling the second I saw it. That wait has paid off, as the figure is finally in my tiny greasy hands. So what’s the verdict then? I like it! I really do, but it’s not without a few drawbacks along the way.

Let’s focus on the positive first: Straight out of the box, you’ve got an imposing figure that packs muscle, armour and gadgets. Unlike some of the recent Batman V Superman armoured figures, Arkham Knight Batman can actually flex those wings of his. There’s a decent amount of articulation in the arms and shoulders, the feet can be adjusted easily enough and the legs can be set to strike a pose.


It also helps that the actual outfit is stunning. The primary chest plate is solid stuff, although don’t expect it to be as flexible as the version in the video game that featured all manner of segmentation. It’s the undersuit that’s really striking, however. A combination of ostentatious silver and rubberised black highlights, it feels like a billion-dollar experiment when you touch it. Absolutely gorgeous stuff. And also the primary caveat of this figure.

See, the silver on that costume has the habit of easily crinkling. Ordinarily that’s not a problem, but the texture seems to have a habit of retaining that wrinkle when left in a pose for a while. That results in ugly lines on a sleek toy, something I’d personally prefer to avoid if I could. Ideally, I’d have the figure strike a pose for a few quick Instagram pics, but I’d rather leave it in a static position if I could.


Likewise with the cowl and the neck, there’s not a lot of give there in case you wanted to make your Batman crane his neck upwards. What is an absolute triumph, is that cape. Fans have often been vocal over how Hot Toys Batman figures seldom have a worthwhile cape, if ever. They lack the romanticism of the source material that they’re based on, often being puffy and flaring out at the sides.

That results in a figure that looks less like their big screen counterpart. It’s a problem that this figure thankfully doesn’t share with its predecessors. The Arkham Knight Batman figure’s cape is simply wonderful. It has character, it’s made of a fantastic vinyl leather material and it features a trio of stronger wires. Not the strongest wires mind you, but still a good deal better than the copper threads used in the Michael Keaton Batman figures, if we’re doing a comparison.

On the accessories front, there’s plenty of gear here to store inside Batman’s invisible pockets. A mass tracking gun, a pair of Batarangs and a few other bits of tech from the Arkham City figure glory days are all present and accounted for. I’m quite fond of the wobbly grapple cords for the line launcher, because wobble wobble wobble.


There’s also an angry face-plate to swap in as well as a holographic projection of Oracle in case you’re looking to recreate a scene from the games. Quick word of caution with that last accessory: I hear that when it’s shoved in the first time, it’s tighter than a duck’s anus. You might want to be careful with that.

Overall, I’m chuffed. On a shelf of Batmen, the Arkham Knight incarnation of the dark knight stands out from them. He’s massive, imposing and even if I can’t pose him the way I want to, he still looks good. Damn good. Hot Toys has pretty much run through the entire library of Batmen available across stage and video game screen, but it’s this version which may just be my absolute favourite.

Well, until an Arkham Origins version is finally revealed.



Last Updated: January 16, 2018

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