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Hot Toys Batman Beyond is ready to be Gotham’s Tomorrow Knight

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If there’s one hill that I’m prepared to die on, it’s the one that boldly claims that Terry McGuiness is the best Batman. Sure he may not have the brains of Bruce Wayne, but the Tomorrow Knight of a future Gotham city was Batman in the department that counted: Heart, guts and the ability to mangle the Joker.

Outside of animation, Terry’s story is one that will never be told but will always be referenced. Comic books have fleshed out his saga further, but where are the movies of Batman Beyond? Where’s the live action TV series? Where’s the video game…Wait there is one and we must never ever mention it again. Outside of abomination, Terry’s closest stab at video game immortality is perhaps a tad bit insulting.

He never popped up in any of the Batman Arkham games from Rocksteady, but players could get their hands on an alternate skin for Batman that was themed on his unique aesthetic. A style that Hot Toys is looking to recapture with their Video Game Masterpiece, that mostly ditches the cape and adds enough pouches to make Rob Liefeld envious:

In the popular animation series Batman: Beyond, Terry McGinnis becomes the Caped Crusader in a futuristic Gotham City as Bruce Wayne has retired from crime fighting. Under Bruce’s guidance and training, the technologically-inclined Batsuit provides Terry the strength and skills needed to handle the challenge he faces as the Batman of the future!

Today, Hot Toys is thrilled to unveil the latest 1/6th scale collectible figure of the stylish Batman Beyond suit based on the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight video game which has taken inspiration from the great animation series.

The figure is masterfully crafted based on the Batman Beyond suit from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, featuring a newly painted masked head sculpt with two interchangeable lower faces, a cutting-edge Batsuit overall appearance in metallic grey with battle damage and a bright red bat symbol on chest, a finely tailored black batcape to create dynamic flying poses, an array of detailed Batman’s signature gadgets including Batman Beyond style Batarang, grapnel, disruptor, REC gun, freeze grenade and many more!

Hot damn that looks amazing. I’ve got the original Arkham Knight Batman figure, an absolute beast of a collectible that has one major flaw: You can’t leave it in any action poses for too long, or you’ll risk damaging the intricate outer suit. Seriously, I had him posed with his one arm up at one point so that he could communicate with Oracle and now I’ve got fine wrinkles on the suit and dammit it’s no longer near mint I hate myself now.

With an outer suit that uses more natural cloth-like materials instead of the shiny and delicate stuff for the Arkham Knight figure, here’s hoping that this beast can be posed in a more dynamic limb setup than other figures dream of. There’s no release date yet for the figure, but chances are it’ll be out by the end of the year.

Last Updated: January 17, 2020

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