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Hot Toys Dark Troopers look sleek, sophisticated, and menacing

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Hot Toys Dark Trooper (20)

Need a soldier who happens to be easily expendable and he’s decked out in nice shiny armour? Grab a Stormtrooper! They can’t aim for a damn, they bump their heads on low-hanging blast door frames because of their clunky helmets, and their armour is more worthless than the BananaCoin crypto-currency, but at least there’s a trooper to throw at every possible problem!

If you’re looking to get some actual results though, may I suggest not relying on squishy organic soldiers and rather investing in almighty machines instead? That’s the idea behind the Dark Trooper project in the latest season of the Mandalorian, which saw series big bad Moff Gideon put together a small army of battle droids that weren’t useless hunks of scrap like the ones that Trade Federation sent into battle during the Clone Wars.

Plus they look awesome! If you’ve been hoping to get your hands on a smaller murderbot, good news: Hot Toys is of course pouncing on the success of its Mandalorian license, and has begun work on its own Dark Trooper project:

The highly-accurate collectible figure is skillfully crafted based on the Dark Trooper as seen in the hit Star Wars™ series. It features highly detailed helmet and mechanical armor parts, specially applied black armor painting, LED light up functions, a blaster, and a display base.

I’ll take an entire battalion please. One thing worth noting is that this figure comes with very little in terms of extras. Outside of the figure itself, all you’re getting are extra grabby hands, a blaster, and a base. Granted, the Dark Troopers didn’t exactly have a lot of accessories to begin with when they were seen in the show, but it’s still a light package overall.

Otherwise, I think it looks great! Grab a handful of these figures, wait for the inevitable release of a Mando Luke Skywalker, and create a kickass battle diorama scene. It’ll just cost a few thousand US dollars, but that’s a small price to pay…if you’re rich. Time to sell Brad to the organ harvesting market again.

Last Updated: January 20, 2021

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