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Hot Toys is ready to see the Dark Knight rise…again

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Hot Toys TDK Batman (14) 1

I’ve got mixed feelings about Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. There’s a lot that I love, and the full-circle nature of the Dark Knight saga is something that you rarely see in cinema these days. At the same time, there’s a bunch of stuff I do not like, such as shoddy fight scenes, Christian Bale’s growly voice, and story beats that make no sense.

One thing I do adore though? The Batman costumes. They’re anchored in our reality, suits of armour that you could see being used in real life, yet still bearing a touch of the fantastic in their design. Hot Toys has naturally made a few figures over the years of the Bat-bales, and like many toys in their offerings, they’ve become collector’s items.

The Dark Knight Rises Batman is one such figure, an intricate collection of suit parts and gadgets that had a run a few years ago and then was never seen again. Hot Toys is finally doing a new version of that brilliant costume, one that features a brand-new body so that a sixth-scale Christian Bale doesn’t look like he has the physique of a matchstick man

There’s a few new face sculpts for the cowl, a new headsculpt and more! WHERE IS IT? Well stop jostling me and check the gallery below you angry person you:


  • Sophisticatedly crafted based on the appearance of Christian Bale as Batman/ Bruce Wayne in the film
  • Two newly developed Batman helmeted head sculpts with interchangeable faces
  • One with LED light up function
  • One with separate rolling eyeballs
  • Newly developed head sculpt of Bruce Wayne
  • Newly designed body with a wider range of articulation highlighting Batman’s strong and muscular form
  • Finely tailored Batsuit completed with weave carbon fiber like detailing
  • EMP rifle with LED light up function
  • Sticky bomb gun
  • Grapnel gun
  • Batarangs
  • Mini mines
  • Diorama figure base for display

Here’s the kicker: Hot Toys is also redoing the Batpod motorcycle, in an effort to bleed me dry of any sensible savings. Thanks, you jerks for ruining my ability to eat real food for a few months:

No pricing or release date yet on this set, but I’ll update as soon as I have it.

Last Updated: December 4, 2020

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