Marvel history will be destroyed in 2019

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As far as origins go, the Fantastic Four’s tale of superpower acquisition is pretty straight forward: Four explorers of the unknown, hitching a ride into outer space and then finding themselves bombarded with cosmic radiation that unlocks incredible new powers for Marvel’s first family. Well, with Ben Grimm getting the short end of the stick here, as he came out of that mess looking like the surliest rock collection to ever walk the planet.

And that’s it really. One mission, an accident and a pledge to stick together helped create the Fantastic Four and a new age of superhero adventures for the comic book industry…or did it? Because Marvel is teasing that there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to the fateful day when Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Grimm got their gifts, as the publisher has yet another massive event in the pipeline that has been dubbed as the moment when “Marvel History is destroyed.”

Marvel History (1)

Whatever causes that destruction, will apparently have ripples on the fabric of the Marvel Universe that results in just about everybody getting a rewrite of their origin story. Marvel also teased new details being revealed for Captain America, Jean Grey and Spider-Man, as somebody is mucking about with pivotal moments in their careers. Here’s a look at those teasers which shine a spotlight on comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man #50-52, the Dark Phoenix saga and the formation of the Avengers:

Marvel History (4)

Marvel History (2)

Marvel History (3)

The event kicks off in March 2019, and will hopefully answer at least one question that I’ve been asking: Who the heck convinced Victor Von Doom that placing a metal face-plate onto his flesh that was fresh out of the forge, was a good idea? No seriously, that actually happened.

Last Updated: December 12, 2018

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