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Marvel is teasing the return of another Wolverine in X-Men: Blue

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The original flavour of Wolverine may be dead and entombed within an unbreakable shell of Adamantium, but that doesn’t mean that the Marvel universe doesn’t have some mutants running around, popping claws and faces. The X-Men Universe currently has the former X-23 experiment who goes by the name of Laura these days suited up as the latest Wolverine, while a time-displaced and older version of Logan from another reality is currently emptying entire refineries dry as he tries to find his place in a crazy new world.

With Logan being a bonafide box office success right now, the time may be right to finally revive another Wolverine to prove that he happens to be the best there is at what he does. Only I don;t think we’re getting the original back…bub. The latest solicits of Marvel comics has gone live this week, and within them are a few teases for the upcoming X-Men: Blue. Teases which have been purposefully mosaiced up a bit, but just enough to get fans guessing:

X-Men Blue (1)

That’s clearly a Wolverine up there behind those blocky claws, but I’ve got a theory as to who it really is. Not James “Logan” Howlett, but rather Jimmy Hudson. The son of the Wolverine of the Ultimate Universe, Jimmy was one of the few mutants alive in that era before Secret Wars erased that reality from the continuity of the Marvel Omniverse. Growing up most of his life without knowing who his real father really is, James possesses plenty of his “gifts”.


Namely an incredible regenerative healing factor and bone claws. Jimmy also has an extra trick up his sleeves: The ability to coat his claws and bones with a bio-organic metal. Handy stuff. Of course James isn’t the only Wolverine-themed mutant around, as there’s still Daken. You know, the son of the Marvel 616 reality Wolverine who is now dead. Listen, comics are weird.

The solicitation for X-Men: Blue #5 plottens the thick even further, as it reveals that the female clone of Mr Sinister, Ms. Sinister, will be up to shenanigans. Again, comic books are weird. So maybe it’s a clone. Or maybe it’s a universe-displaced son. We’ll just have to wait and see when June rolls around to see this mystery explained.

Last Updated: March 22, 2017

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