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Nightwing is going to kill the DC Universe in New Order

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Nightwing New Order (2)

With super-friends like this, who needs enemies am I right? If you thought Captain America going rogue as HYDRA supreme leader who managed to conquer the US of A and trap most of the Marvel Universe outside of Earth or in a hellish dark dimension was a bit much, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Two can play that game, as DC Comics have unveiled their stab at a hero turned fascist for the greater good: Nightwing.

Yup, the former boy wonder is going to be going off the rails slightly in Nightwing: New Order. Metahumans are a tad too prevalent in the DCU, and somebody has to level the playing field for ordinary humans who happen to have been trained to peak physical perfection by the world’s greatest detective. That somebody happens to be Nightwing, as he’ll spend the next decade wiping out the metahuman populace in a world where superpowers are illegal.

Here’s the official synopsis Nightwing: The New Order, via Screen Rant:

Nightwing New Order (4)

NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER is the story of a future world without “weapons”—where superpowers have been eliminated and outlawed. The man responsible? None other than Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing, now leader of a government task force called the Crusaders who are charged with hunting the remaining Supers. But when events transpire which turn the Crusaders’ aim toward Grayson’s own family, the former Boy Wonder must turn against the very system he helped create, with help from the very people he’s been hunting for years—the last metahumans of the DC Universe.

That sounds tonally darker than what we’ve seen so far in DC’s Rebirth initiative, although this is more of a what if storyline than a concrete look at the future to come.Unlike Marvel’s Secret Empire which has been desperately trying to convince people that Captain America is not a Nazi dammit c’mon guys, Nightwing’s adventure begins with betrayal and ends with redemption. A fact that is being made clear right from the start.

“My all-time favorite DC books throw characters we know and love into future worlds that are equal parts familiar and terrifying, laced with moral issues that aren’t black and white or easily solved,” Nightwing: The New Order writer Kyle Higgins said to Screen Rant.

Nightwing New Order (5)

Ultimately, these stories say something about our world. And that’s what we are aiming to do with this Nightwing series, through the lens of a future generation of heroes.

Propaganda, paranoia and a police state? Yeah, sounds believable enough. Gates of Gotham artist Trevor McCarthy will visualise the story, returning to the character that helped him land his first big break in the DCU. “As an artist, there’s nothing better than world building. Diving in and figuring out a visual identity for a book, a character, a city…this is why I love making comics,” McCarthy explained.

Nightwing New Order (6)

Add to that the fact that it’s NIGHTWING—the first book I ever drew as a pro—and a chance to work with Kyle again, and I was beyond thrilled for the opportunity.

The new series kicks off later this year, with the death of one of the biggest heroes around in the DCU: Superman. I’m betting that Nightwing slipped some Kryptonite into his underwear, before shouting about telling him somethin’.Brother. Dick Grayson, amirite?

Last Updated: May 10, 2017


  1. So is this DC’s “me too” variant on Marvel’s Secret Empire event?


    • The D

      May 10, 2017 at 10:59

      This happens kind of often. I remember years back when DC was earning all the love for Identity Crisis, Marvel suddenly released an “Identity Disc” series.


      • Daniel Hallinan

        May 10, 2017 at 11:47

        Oh, sure, I get that (they do this all the time, like Pixar vs Dreamworks) – I’m just curious if this IS their take on Secret Empire. It DEFINITELY doesn’t seem to be causing nearly as much drama, but then again I suppose it’s not relying so heavily on nazi imagery.

        That said though, I’m honestly still confused as to why people are upset about Secret Empire. I mean, I know SOME reason why people are upset, but the reasons seem to be largely conflicting in many cases.


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