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Superman is getting another new costume in DC’s Rebirth event

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DC’s Rebirth isn’t just a catchy event name that builds on two rather excellent revivals of classic Silver Age comic books. It’s an actual Rebirth for its greatest hero and company icon, as Superman will be experiencing some cha-cha-changes later this year. And yes, the poor fella has been through plenty of them already, a journey that is going to have some very grim consequences, but will see the real Man of Steel reborn.

Confused? Okay, let me lay it down for you. Door’s locked, so don’t bother trying to gnaw the chains off and consider this your one and only SPOILER warning.

Right, so that whole deal with Superman being depowered? That was a magnificent arc, some truly great character-building as the last son of Krypton had to make do with fewer powers and a lot more mortality on his plate. Throughout that gauntlet, Superman was looking for a way to increase his powers back to his old standard, even going so far as to harness the power of Kryptonite to help save the day when Vandal Savage’s big plan was set into to motion.

Long story short, Superman won, Savage lost and the man of steel got all of his powers back. Also, he’s dying. Like properly dying.

Superman-2.pngSuperman (2)

Unlike a John Cena/ Rock match that has been advertised as being only once in a lifetime, the Superman of the New 52 universe is going to die. Nothing can stop that, as his ravaged body is slowly decaying and he only has mere months left to live. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a Superman left to guard the planet. In fact, there’ll be Supermen working around the clock, including the one and only original Superman from the pre-New 52 universe.

After the events of Convergence, this Superman and his Lois Lane survived to settle down in the New 52 universe, though this Clark Kent decided to operate under the radar. With the New 52 Superman knock-knocking on heaven’s door, the Superman we all grew to love will be taking over. And with a new costume to boot:

Superman-1.jpgSuperman (1)

The design above comes from Tom Derenick, who posted the turnaround art on his Facebook account. It’s the new and old styles, merged into one costume. Out with the mandarin collar, solar flare explosion and seam lines, in with the classic spit-curl hair-style, open neck and red elements that echo the design of the Man of Steel Superman costume. Nice. Also, no red undies, so double-nice.

Superman-1.pngSuperman (1)

Remember, there’ll also be another Superman in action, as a Chinese native inherits the powers of the deceased last Kryptonian. That series will be written by Gene Luen Yang, and will go on sale on shelves as The New Super-Man. One of many other Superman that are being hinted at.

Last Updated: April 12, 2016

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