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The 100 best comic book covers of 2020

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Every Sunday morning, I get up early at the crack of noon, make myself a mug of tea, and then I start working on my favourite weekly post: The best comic book covers of the week that is still to come. I don’t know about you guys, but scrolling through the previews and being bombarded with dozens upon dozens of comic book covers from all manner of talented hands? That’s cathartic, meditative, and healthy for the eyeballs.

Looking back at a turbulent year in comic books, finding the best cover was no easy feat. Across 46 posts in 2020, I’d gathered up 1460 amazing comic book covers. It’s safe to say that there was no single winner, as art is subjective and I’d probably have someone yelling at me about how utterly wrong I was. Choosing a hundred of the best though? Still challenging, but with enough room to celebrate just how fantastic comic books were in grabbing your attention with instant advertising.

Either that, or I’d be told that I was wrong a hundred times over. So here they are, the cream of the 2020 crop, the best comic book covers of the year, attached to some of the best comic books of the year!

Comic book covers of year credits:

  1. 2020 Machine Man #2 by Nick Roche and Mike Spicer
  2. Aliens Vs. Predator Thicker Than Blood #3 by Chun-Lo
  3. Amethyst #5 by Amy Reeder
  4. Archie Vs. Predator II #1 by Robert Hack
  5. Backtrack #4 by Jake Elphick
  6. Basketful Of Heads #7 by Gabriel Rodriguez
  7. Batgirl #44 by Terry and Rachel Dodson
  8. Batman #96 by Guillem March
  9. Batman Beyond #41 by Francis Manapul
  10. Bill & Ted Omnibus by Jamal Campbell
  11. Billionaire Island #2 by Steve Pugh
  12. Black Widow #1 by Kim Jacinto
  13. Blackwood The Mourning After #4 by Veronica Fish
  14. Bleed Them Dry #1 by Adam Gorham
  15. Bloodshot #7 by Tyler Kirkham
  16. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow #4 by Jen Bartel
  17. Captain America The End #1 by Rahzzah
  18. Catwoman #22 by Julian Totino Tedesco
  19. Conspiracy Men In Black #1 by Leonardo Colapietro
  20. Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team #3 by Miguel Valderrama
  21. Daredevil #21 by Marco Checchetto
  22. Dark Nights Death Metal – Rise Of The New God by BossLogic
  23. Dark Nights Death Metal #1 by Doug Mahnke
  24. Dead Day #4 by Andy Clarke
  25. Deadly Class #44 by Wes Craig
  26. Detective Comics #1024 by Lee Bermejo
  27. Die #13 by Michael del Mundo
  28. Doctor Doom #5 by Tomm Coker
  29. Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Year Two #2 by Hannah Templer
  30. Doom Patrol Weight of the Worlds #7 by Nick Derington
  31. Dr. Strange #3 by Kev Walker
  32. Far Sector #6 by Jamal Campbell
  33. Go Go Power Rangers #29 by by Francesco Mortarino
  34. Harley Quinn #75 by Frank Cho
  35. Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey #2 by Amanda Connor
  36. Hawkeye Freefall #2 by Kim Jacinto and Tamra Bonvillain
  37. Hawkman #23 by Gerardo Zaffino
  38. He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #6 by In-Hyuk Lee
  39. Home Sick Pilots #1 by Dani
  40. Iron Man #4 by Dave Rapoza
  41. Join The Future #2 by Tommy Lee Edwards
  42. Justice League Odyssey #19 by José Ladrönn
  43. Killadelphia #4 by Eric Canete
  44. King In Black #1 by Superlog
  45. Kiss Zombies #5 by Stuart Sayger
  46. Lois Lane #11 by Joëlle Jones
  47. Lucifer #19 by Tiffany Turrill
  48. Lumberjanes #73 by Harriet Moulton
  49. Man Bat #1 by Kyle Hotz
  50. Marvel #2 by Alex Ross
  51. Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes #3
  52. Mega Man Fully Charged #2 by Toni Infante
  53. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #50 by Jamal Campbell
  54. Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy #1 by In-Hyuk Lee
  55. Monstress #28 by Sana Takeda
  56. New Mutants #13 by Michael del Mundo
  57. Nightwing #77 by Alan Quah
  58. Nomen Omen #7 by David Nakayama
  59. On The Stump #1 by Sanford Greene
  60. Outer Darkness Chew #2 by Afu Chan
  61. Plunge #4 by Gary Frank
  62. Sonic the Hedgehog #27 by Abigail Starling
  63. Red Sonja #19 by Jae Lee
  64. Red Sonja Age of Chaos #4 by Lucio Parrillo
  65. Rorschach #3 by Jorge Fornés
  66. Sabrina Something Wicked #3 by Veronica Fish
  67. Scream Curse of Carnage #4 by Kyle Hotz
  68. Sera And The Royal Stars #10 by Audrey Mok
  69. Shang-Chi #1 by Kim Jacinto
  70. Something Is Killing The Children #11 by Martin Simmonds
  71. Sonata #10 by Brian Haberlin and Geirrod Van Dyke
  72. Spider-Man Noir #2 by Dave Rapoza
  73. Spider-Verse #6 by Dave Rapoza
  74. Strange Adventures #3 by Mitch Gerards
  75. Stranger Things Into the Fire #4 by Evan Cagle
  76. Suicide Squad #2 by Bruno Redondo
  77. Superman #22 by Bryan Hitch
  78. The Amazing Spider-Man Daily Bugle #3 by Rahzzah
  79. The Batman’s Grave #4 by Jee Hyung Lee
  80. The Butcher of Paris #5 by Dave Johnson
  81. The Department Of Truth #2 by Francesco Francavilla
  82. The Flash #755 by Jung-Geun Yoon
  83. The Misplaced by Chris Callahan
  84. The Question The Deaths of Vic Sage #1 by Denys Cowan
  85. The Red Mother #6 by Toni Infante
  86. The Storyteller Ghosts #4 by Ver
  87. The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys California by Becky Cloonan
  88. An Unkindness Of Ravens #1 by Qistina Khalidah
  89. The Weatherman #6 by Nathan Fox
  90. Thor #5 by Olivier Coipel
  91. Vampire The Masquerade #4 by Aaron Campbell
  92. Vampirella #5 by Terry and Rachel Dodson
  93. Vampirella Red Sonja #6 by Leonardo Romero
  94. Vengeance Of Vampirella #9 by Lucio Parrillo
  95. Venom #25 by Ryan Stegman
  96. We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1 by Simone Di Meo
  97. Wolverine Black, White & Blood #1 by Adam Kubert
  98. Wonder Woman #768 by Adam Hughes
  99. X Of Swords Creation #1 by Mark Brooks
  100. X-Ray Robot #2 by Michael and Laura Allred

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