And our WINNERS of the CHILD 44 Competition are…

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Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties (we’ll just blame Trevor), we were unable to announce the winners of our Child 44 competition on Friday. But it sort of worked out in the end, because what better way to get over that bad case of the Mondays, than with free stuff! And thanks to the folks over at Times Media Films we have 5 prizes to give away from the movie (you can read Kerv’s review here) to some lucky people. Let’s see now, who sent me the right bribes who spelt their own names correctly with valid email addresses? Let the commence!



Congratulations to:

  • Jonathan Schutte
  • Lynne Morland
  • Jamie Low
  • Dave Crocker
  • Ilden Webber

You will all receive an email confirming your win along with my bank details. Thanks to all of you who participated and we’ll keep on offering goodies when we can! Remenber Child 44 opened this weekend past so go book your tickets!

Last Updated: May 11, 2015

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