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WIN two tickets to the pre-screening of THE LAZARUS EFFECT!

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Lazarus effect

It’s that time again at The Movies, where you stand the chance to win two tickets to a movie with a complimentary popcorn and coke thrown into the deal! Last time we gave away tickets to the war movie FURY and you all seemed to enjoy that, except for our JHB readers that is, thanks to those damn those rolling blackouts!

This time round we are offering two tickets to the horror/thriller flick The Lazarus Effect, featuring the absolutely gorgeous Olivia Wilde. That’s enough reason for me! All you need to do is comment below and let us know if you are in Cape Town or Johannesburg and we’ll put your name into the draw.

Just take note that the Cape Town screening is for Tuesday March 24 and the Jozi showing is for Wednesday March 25, two different days people! We’ll let you know on Monday via email who has won. Both of the screenings are for 8pm but please try and get there earlier to avoid sitting in the very front row!

So, what’s the movie about? Here’s the synopsis:

From the Producers of The Purge, Insidious and Sinister comes a movie about harnessing the power of life over death. A group of medical students learn how to bring back the dead but when used on one of their own the consequences are dire.

We’ve got 60 double tickets for Nu Metro 17 at Canal Walk in Cape Town and 50 for Sandton 5 in Johannesburg, so what are you waiting for? Get commenting! PS: Make sure you use a REAL EMAIL ADDRESS.

Disclaimer: the crew at themovies.co.za are totally awesome, but still do not have the power over ESKOM and their loadshedding, so if anything goes wrong we are extremely sorry and promise to put weekly curses on the power utility.

Last Updated: March 17, 2015

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