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21 Jump Street gets a sequel, mere days after it opens

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21 Jump Street has just debuted at the number one spot in the US Box Office, taking in a sizeable fortune in movie ticket receipts, so a sequel is naturally a must.

Although this time, movie execs have set a new record for sequel-comissioning, as they’ve started work on a new film (22 Jump Street?) a mere weekend after the original hit big screens across the US of A.

Sony has already made a deal with star and co-writer Jonah Hill to work alongisde screenplay scribe Michael Bacall for a sequel, which will most likely see Hill capitilise on several ideas that were dropped from the first film.

Tatum and Hill will also be a likely lock to return in the sequel, especially when considering the praise that Tatum has garnered for his more comedic and action-packed performances as of late.

It’s unclear at this point as to whether the directing partnership of Phil Lord and Chris Miller will also return, due to their current commitments to a Lego movie.

It’s all a matter of timing right now anyway, but you can rest assured that the undercover cops will return for a second jumping outing. In the mean time, local audiences can catch the premiere adventure of Tatum and Hill when 21 Jump Street debuts this Friday.

Last Updated: March 19, 2012

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