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3 Key Reasons to Watch Albanian TV on TVALB

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When living abroad, you want to get in touch with your native country from time to time. You want to feel connected to the community, listen to the familiar language, and learn the news. You want to keep abreast of the events happening in Albania, but it is difficult to do when you live in the USA or Canada. 

One of the ways to feel connected to your motherland is by watching national television. Luckily, TVALB delivers Albanian TV channels straight to viewers in the USA and Canada.

Why Should You Watch Albanian TV on TVALB?

#1 A rich content library

TVALB strives to provide Albanian communities in America and Canada with TV shqiptare originally streamed in Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania. For this reason, more than 250 Albanian TV channels are available for watching on the platform. Viewers can enjoy channels from popular platforms such as Artmotion, Tring, and Kujtesa (see Wikipedia). 

Also, there are around 2,000 channels from other countries and up to 10,000 movies available on demand. There are channels for sports fans, videos for kids and families, and content for music enthusiasts. As a result, a user can find a program or show to enjoy in their free time.

#2 Available on any device

TVALB delivers Albanian TV channels to other countries with the help of IPTV technology (see here). It allows users to stream content on any Internet-compatible device, including Smart TVs, mobile phones, and computers. 

Viewers can choose between two device sets. The number of devices depends on the package you choose. One allows watching only on a mobile phone and requires $5,99 a month, while the other plan offers the ability to stream videos on three devices for $16,58 per month.

Multi-platform capabilities allow people to choose whether they want to watch a video on the go or at home on a big screen.

#3 Watching videos anywhere

Streaming videos via the Internet brings multiple opportunities to viewers since they can watch content anywhere. With TVALB, it is easy to watch programs and shows streamed in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro abroad, across the USA and Canada. 

People can travel, go on business trips, or move to America or Canada to live for a long time and stay in touch with their native land. It is the TVALB purpose: to bring native content to Albanian diaspora communities. 

Final Thoughts

TVALB transmits a rich content library to Albanian viewers living in the USA and Canada. Customers may enjoy more than 250 Albanian TV channels, around 2000 channels from other countries, and up to 10,000 on-demand movies. There are music channels, sports channels, and content for kids, families, and individuals of diverse interests.

Moreover, the platform operates on multiple devices, which provides flexibility and freedom to enjoy videos anywhere.

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

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