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A Battlestar Galactica movie is back in development with X-Men’s Simon Kinberg attached

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You have to feel for Simon Kinberg. He spent the last decade working on one of the most beloved comic book franchises of all time in The X-Men and unfortunately, that hasn’t done him any favours in how poorly the majority of those movies turned out. You could argue that some studio meddling may have been the reason for their poor reception, but when you’re given a second chance at handling the Dark Phoenix story and still end up not doing it justice, fans are not going to be happy with you.

Kinberg is going to have to deal with another set of very fickle fans as Variety is reporting that he has been hired to write and produce the upcoming Battlestar Galactica movie based on the long-running and highly popular sci-fi Tv series. Kinberg is currently not set to direct, though like he did on X-Men: Dark Phoenix or the upcoming 355.

Following the most recent Battlestar Galactica series conclusion in 2009, Universal Pictures has been wanting to make a movie out of the story since then, but has never quite been able to get the right idea to make it work. With Kinberg now involved it looks like this project is moving forward though and may finally be a reality. This also doesn’t alter the fate of the current Battlestar Galactica series from Mr Robot creator Sam Esmail, which is also in development and is not related to this film in any way.

Kinberg shared his excitement in a recent statement:

‘Battlestar Galactica’ is one of the holy grails in science fiction, and I couldn’t be more excited about bringing something new to the franchise while honouring what’s made it so iconic and enduring. I’m so grateful that Dylan and my partners at Universal have trusted me with this incredible universe

Kinberg is obviously a massive sci-fi fan and so has the right passion for the project to make this happen. He also isn’t afraid of taking on ambitious and beloved franchises and the ultimate criticism that comes along with it. So hopefully he finds better fortune this time around and can deliver a film that fans enjoy.

And to be fair to Kinberg, he has done a superb job with many of his movie scripts. The Battlestar Galactica movie project doesn’t have any planned release dates as yet.  

Last Updated: October 23, 2020

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